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Winners of this week's All Stars!



Our first week of All Stars is over! As the weeks go by, we hope to make this event a regualr part of your World of Tanks experience. We will tweak some things here and there, we will be adding in the French tree, and make this event run as smoothly as possible.

For All Star #1:

  • Injuneer - 23 All Star points
  • NZCLOWN - 21 All Star points
  • Lexx98 - 19 All Star points
  • Desdichado - 34 All Star points
  • Honestiago - 24  All Star points

For All Star #2:

VK 3002 (DB):
  • Fablkak - 32 All Star points
  • Kaiserstole20 - 32 All star points
  • Demonicus - 27 All Star points
  • Desdichado - 25 All Star points

Grats to all the winners! Prepare yourselves for another week of All Star! Next week the tanks will be:

  • All Star #3 Jan 9-10: T30, Lowe
  • All Star #4 Jan 11-12: T82, PzKpfw S35 739 (f)


  • Wrong tank
  • No garage screenshot (this one is really important!)