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Who Shot the Leprechaun!?



We would like to announce the next Who Shot the Leprechaun! For St. Patcricks Day tomorrow and the day after (March 17 and 18), some of our moderators and community contributors will be playing in special accounts! If you manage to destroy one of the tanks from one of the Sheriff accounts, be sure to take a screenshot (or your replay) and post it in this forum.

For this event, we will have our moderators play during certain hours on Saturday, March 17 and Sunday March 18th.

They will be playing on these accounts: 

  • Sheriff_1 [WGA]
  • Sheriff_2 [WGA]
  • Sheriff_3 [WGA]

Between these times on Saturday and Sunday:

1AM PDT (4AM EST) to 7AM PDT (10AM EST) = 8 AM UTC – 2 PM UTC

4PM PDT (7PM EDT) to 10PM PDT (1AM EDT) = 11 PM UTC – 5 AM UTC

If you manage to destroy one of the Sheriff's vehicles, please be sure to take a screenshot and post it in this forum. If you are unable to take screenshots, or if you miss the end of battle window screenshot, you may also attach the game replay.

You have until Monday, March 19th, 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC Tuesday) to post your kill. Anything posted after this time will not be considered.

All succesfful submissions will receive the amount of 250.