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How to Win the Type 59 in March!

Interested in owning a Type 59? Well get tanky, because this month we have multiple ways to do it! 

Visit the Contests forum section on the start date of the each event for more details!

 Beat the Devs

March 4 - 13

Wargaming staff will provide entirely respectable Base XP scores in their WZ-111. Your task is to outperform our best player here in the office while driving the so-called "Wheezy." Once you've done that, you'll be entered in a drawing for the chance to win one of three Type 59 tanks, along with other epic rewards.

 Video Clip Contest

March 14 - 31

Do a barrel roll! (Actually maybe not the best idea.) 

Use the new Physics system, create a cool video clip and wow us to for a chance to win a Type 59.

Keep an eye on the forum for more details on the Video Clip Contest!

Reddit Contest

March 21 - 31

A contest so secret they wouldn't give us any details -- keep an eye on reddit for a chance to win one of three Type 59 tanks. 

Tasks must be completed within the above listed time frames to be eligible for each challenge's prize.