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Trick-or-Treat for Tank Rewards!

Proceed with caution along the spooky streets of this month -- October's "Trick-or-Treat" rewards event is packed with goodies, and you can exchange points for treats every week.

For every point earned, you can "knock" on the door of a house in the eerie "Tank Rewards" neighborhood. Choose one of the three houses to get a prize, from Gold to coveted vehicles like a Type 59 or E 25! Tweet your prizes with #TankHollow for your chance to win an extra point.

Log into every Thursday to trick-or-treat with any points earned so far (up to the Monday).

Ways to Earn "Trick-or-Treat" Points in October Daily Mission

Oct. 1-27: Earn 20,000 XP in tiers IV+ once per day.

Weekly Class Focus

Earn 50,000 XP and/or win 20 battles (once per week) in the following vehicle classes:

Tank Mastery missions

Earn the Mastery Badge "Ace Tanker" on the featured tanks.

  • Oct. 10-16: "Wargaming Favorites" IS-3, Wolverine, E 75, M4 Sherman, Panzer 58 Mutz
  • Oct. 14-23: "Underdogs" AMX 40, T25/2, Type 5 Heavy, Churchill Gun Carrier, T-34-85M
  • Oct. 21-30: "Titans" O-Ni, Maus, O-I, T95, TOG II*

Halloween Missions

Oct. 28-31: Damage 20 modules/Crew members, and/or get "Top Gun" or "High Caliber" medals.

*See "Missions" tab in game for additional rewards!

More Details

  • Get more information on missions every Friday at
  • Points earned through missions (up to and including the Monday) are added to accounts every Wednesday afternoon (Pacific Time)
  • "Trick-or-treat" with points at any time during the event. (You can wait to spend all your points at once if you want!)
  • You'll receive your treats by 14:00 PT the following weekday (16:00 PT on Wednesdays)
  • Use "Trick-or-treat" points by November 10 at 09:00 PT for the best chance at high-end prizes
  • Any unused "Trick-or-Treat" points will result in automatic lower-end prizes after November 10 at 09:00 PT