Summer Recruitment Drive

Do you have a favorite community contributor? Do you have friends you would like to see play World of Tanks? Would you like to help your CC play the game on a sweet Alienware desktop system? Are you wondering why we are asking these questions?

Then join the Summer Recruitment Drive!

How It Works

Starting July 1 until August 31, all community contributors will reveal a unique invite code during their streams — you can also find their codes in the spoiler below:

List of Community Contributors & Codes

Community Contributor CODE: CHANNELS:
13Disciple NACCR342020 Twitch | YouTube
4FREE_ NACCR472020 Twitch
4TankersAndDog NACCR222020 YouTube
AirG NACCR322020 Twitch
argsarge NACCR102020 Twitch | YouTube
Claus_Kellerman NACCR092020 Twitch | YouTube
CodyMenz NACCR082020 Twitch | YouTube
DamiensGaming NACCR262020 Twitch | YouTube
Deadmeat_BC_ NACCR392020 Twitch
Diego95Diego NACCR282020 YouTube
Edge_of_insanity  NACCR402020 Twitch
GermanIntelligence NACCR252020 Twitch
Goshism NACCR042020 Twitch
Gr1zzLy_ NACCR442020 Twitch
GrindlerGaming NACCR362020 Twitch
Guido1212 NACCR072020 Twitch | YouTube
Haglar NACCR242020 Twitch | YouTube
impactocritico NACCR292020 Twitch | YouTube
irish_dreamz NACCR432020 Twitch
_Jerm_ NACCR132020 Twitch
jimmycrib NACCR412020 Twitch
JollyGrim NACCR452020 Twitch | YouTube
JunkersHiryu NACCR332020 Twitch
MadMainer NACCR482020 Twitch
_Mountain_Man NACCR012020 Twitch
Nando_Capo NACCR212020 YouTube
Nick_shox NACCR232020 Twitch | YouTube
Night1rider NACCR402020 Twitch
OminousFyxen NACCR522020 Twitch
Overlord_Prime NACCR052020 Twitch
Sela NACCR352020 Twitch
SESD95 NACCR182020 YouTube
Sir8j NACCR122020 Twitch | YouTube
SirBR4ZUK4_ NACCR272020 YouTube
Sofilein NACCR032020 Twitch | YouTube
SoSlo_sr NACCR382020 Twitch | YouTube
SteelGutsinTN NACCR502020 Twitch | YouTube
SuperNova_NA NACCR202020 Twitch
Taugrim NACCR152020 YouTube
thed3vildog NACCR422020 Twitch | YouTube
Tio_Stal1n_ NACCR312020 YouTube
TitiuBlack NACCR172020 YouTube
Tombs_ NACCR192020 YouTube
Trobsmonkey NACCR022020 Twitch | YouTube
TRU_voodoo NACCR062020 Twitch | YouTube
vergara21 NACCR112020 YouTube
vic10p NACCR302020 YouTube
warp103 NACCR512020 Twitch | YouTube
__warchild__ NACCR462020 Twitch | YouTube
XanderPTV NACCR142020 Twitch | YouTube
Xploit_my_weakness NACCR492020 Twitch
_Zero_3Marklegend NACCR372020 Twitch | YouTube

Recruiting players use the code to give to their friends who want to play World of Tanks!

1. The Recruiter: In the game client, the recruiting player clicks on the "Referral Program" button to send an invite to a friend (the recruit) who wants to join the game. Also remember to send the code provided by the community contributor to your recruit as well.

2. The Recruit: Open the invitation and follow the instructions (see above). At the "Create Account and Start Playing!" screen, the recruit uses the code from the recruiter in the field under "Have an invite code?"

The CC who has the most recruits using their invite code wins the Alienware desktop system!

Alienware AURORA + Tobii 4C Eye Tracker

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500
  • WIN10 HOME
  • AMD RADEON RX 5600
  • 16GB DDR4 XMP 2666Mhz
  • 512 GB M.2 SSD

"Wait," you say. "I love my CC, but what's in it for me?"

How about a new Premium vehicle? Each successfully recruited player gives an opportunity for each of you to select a brand-new Premium vehicle. Plus the satisfaction of watching your favorite CC stream World of Tanks on a blazing Alienware desktop system, all the time knowing you helped make that happen!


Now is the perfect time for a new Premium! World of Tanks is packed with summer events where you can earn tons of unique items: 10th Anniversary Celebration, Battle Pass: Season 2, and Highway Rock — just to name a few!

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