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More Summer Play, More Rewards!

Time for another round of piña coladas on us! The "Summer Play" event is still in full swing, so keep on battling in Platoons for prize-winning tickets! For those lone wolves out there, we're also giving away a hundred M4A1 Revalorisé tanks until the end of the month -- no Platoon required.

Then on July 23, log into Twitch and stream your Platoons. You and your Platoon-mates could win the M4A1 Revalorisé, and five of your lucky viewers can get seven days of Premium

Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks with Wargaming!

To commemorate the history of tank development over the past century, we’re holding a series of in-game events and specials across all platforms leading up to the anniversary of the Mark I, the first tank deployed in battle.

"Summer Play" - Choose Your Prizes

July 1 - Aug. 1: Collect "Summer Play" tickets all month. You get one with every 10,000 XP earned in Platoons (tier IV and higher) in a single day. Rewards include Personal Reserves, consumables and a tier V Premium tank! *

At the end of the month, redeem tickets at and choose your prize. The more tickets you earn, the more you win!

Check your "Missions" tab for additional rewards!

"100 Years of Tanks Super Giveaway" - 100 Premium Tanks

July 15- Aug 1: Every 100 battles you play counts as an entry into a drawing for one of a hundred M4A1 Revalorisé Premium tanks.

"Summer Play: Streams That Pay" -- Platoon on Stream for Tanks

July 23, 18:00 - 20:00 PT: For one day only, stream your Platoon on Twitch and you (and your Platoon members) could win the M4A1 Revalorisé, along with seven days of Premium for five of your viewers.

AC 4 Experimental Ace Challenge - Be the Best

July 15-29: Get the highest base XP in a single battle while commanding the AC 4 Experimental to take home the rare M41 90 GF!

The top five players of the week will be determined July 22 and July 29.

"Summer Platoon with Wargaming" = Earn Free Gold

Every Friday in July, 17:00 - 19:00 PT: Play with or against a Platoon from Wargaming, and every player on the winning team gets 100.

Platoons will be from any of the Wargaming Clans: [WGA-A], [WGA-B], [WGS], [WGATX] or [WGW]

* Summer Play Details

  • Dynamic Platoons count towards mission completion.
  • Vehicles in Platoons must be tier IV or higher.
  • You can earn one ticket per day.
  • We have four levels of prizes. By earning tickets, you unlock subsequent levels, each with a choice of prizes.
    • Level 1: Your choice of Premium consumables
    • Level 2: Your choice of Personal Reserves
    • Level 3: Your choice of equipment
    • Level 4: Your choice: Five Garage slots, T14, Matilda IV, or Excelsior