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Summer Play Rewards Continue in August!

Summer rages on with another month of "Summer Play," bringing you challenges that test your battle prowess. Dominate high-tier battles and earn medals for tickets all August, then redeem them for the rewards you want! 

You can also be one of the first tankers to command the never-before-seen Rheinmetall Skorpion via the M41 90 GF Ace Challenge!

Celebrate 100 Years of Tanks with Wargaming!

To commemorate the history of tank development over the past century, we have a series of in-game events and specials across all World of Tanks games ending at the anniversary of the Mark I, the first tank deployed in battle.

"Summer Play" - Prizes of Your Choosing

August 1-31: Collect "Summer Play" tickets all month. You get one for every day you place in the top three XP earners on your team at tiers IX and X. Then complete any "Heavy Medal" mission in tier IV+ heavy tanks for extra tickets*. Rewards include Premium consumables, Personal Reserves, Garage slots and Premium tanks! *

At the end of the month, redeem tickets at and choose your prize. The more tickets you earn, the more you win!

Check your "Missions" tab for details and additional rewards!

Ace Challenge - Be the Best

August 1-12: Get the highest base XP in a single battle while commanding the M41 90 GF to take home the wicked Rheinmetall Skorpion!

The top five players of the week will be determined August 5 and 12.

18th Anniversary Card Contest

August 1-15: Design an anniversary card and send it to Wargaming for the chance to win one of five Type 59s!

Include your in-game username somewhere on the card and mail it to:

Wargaming America
PO Box 8250
Emeryville, CA 94662




  • One card per player
  • Card must include your username, clearly written
  • Entries must be postmarked by August 15, 2016
  • Card must be your own design and designed exclusively for this contest
  • Winners will be chosen by Wargaming staff based on creativity and style
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* Summer Play Details

  • For the "Heavy Medal" missions, obtain a "Top Gun", "Invader", "High Caliber", "Steel Wall", "Brothers in Arms", "Crucial Contribution" medals in a tier IV+ heavy tank
  • Each medal earns you one ticket (once per account)
  • Earn one ticket each day by placing in the top three XP earners on your team at tiers IX and X
  • We have four levels of prizes. By earning tickets, you unlock subsequent levels, each with a choice of prizes.
    • Level 1: A random prize from the "grab bag"**
    • Level 2: Your choice of Personal Reserves
    • Level 3: Your choice of equipment/consumables
    • Level 4: Your choice of equipment
    • Level 5: Your choice of either Škoda T 40, SU-100Y, or Type 64 vehicles
** What's in the "Grab Bag"?

At level 1, you randomly win one of the following:

  • Premium consumables: x3 Large Repair Kit, x3 Large First Aid Kit, x3 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Personal Reserves: x3 +50% Credits, x3 300% Crew XP (both with one-hour duration)
  • x3 Garage slots 
  • T-28E F-30
  • E-25