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Mystery Mayhem on the Forums


It is Halloween night, and after a fun excursion hunting for candy, you are excited to get home and get gaming. Before you jump into action, you have to prepare! The first thing you do is grab something to drink and spread out your candy, as to have a constant pile of something to munch on while you tank. Once you are all settled in your chair, with drink and candy nearby, you dive right into the first battle.

After a marathon of Random Battles, you begin to feel tired, but instead of going to sleep, you just keep telling yourself that you need one more victory before heading off to bed. Just as you are about to hit Battle once again, you turn to the clock next to you. But, something odd is going on here - the clock reads 0:00. Maybe the batteries are dead?  It must be way past midnight already. 

Shrugging off the odd feeling, you turn back to your game and hit the Battle button. As the match begins to load, your eyes suddenly become heavy. You feel yourself start to fade in and out, and each time you open your eyes the loading screen seems to get blurrier and more distant. You shake your head in an attempt to stay awake for the last match, but realize it isn’t having an effect. After what seems like an eternity, you finally just give in to sleep, but something feels different, you feel like you are no longer sitting at your desk... something has changed...

You open your eyes one final time and realize you aren’t at your desk anymore. You feel a sense of panic, but the feeling of sleep overwhelms and you finally pass out.

Halloween is a night of ghosts and ghouls, a time when the creatures of your imagination come alive. And you have just become a part of their own little trick, or treat, planned just for you. Welcome to Mystery Mayhem!


All week long, we have fun forum activities going on for Mystery Mayhem. Stop by every day to see what’s in store! Each day you participate, you can earn a day of Premium Time! We’ll also have a drawing for some Premium vehicles– but it’s a mystery which ones we’ll give out!