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The Drill Boot Camp Tournament. UPDATE

WoT players proved to be great warriors during Ural Steel Championship and continue following its updates, demonstrating unlimited desire and potential to Great Combats. At this stage World of Tanks team gladly announces the start of The Drill Boot Camp Tournament, which will engage vehicles of 5/60 Division.

Use the chance to advance your team skills and gather with other players in the Tournament on the threshold of oncoming Clan Wars!


UPD. April 27. A separate qualifying round is organized for players from Asian and Oceanic countries,  it will be held in accordance with UTC +8 time zone. To take part in this UTC+8 qualifying round, note it in your message to GM that you are applying for UTC+8 torunament.

The exact schedule will be announced when the registration is over.


Any tanks up to Tier 5 and SPGs up to Tier 4 have a great opportunity to participate in this tempting Tourney. The total number of team point is 60. Usage of the premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed. A team roster should consist of 14 players, and may include up to 6 reserve players listed. Primary team vehicle setup does not need to be declared.

The competitions will be held on the map Westfield. Winner of the match is the team that is first to gain at least 2 victories in 5 battles, regardless of amount of draws.

Discussion of The Drill Boot Camp


Registration begins April 22 and ends May 2.

The Drill Boot Camp Regulations and Registration

The battles schedules, tables, and prizes will be announced after the end of registration.

Stay tuned!