Father's Day 2021 Dad Joke Contest


Father's Day is almost here, and World of Tanks is celebrating the only way we know how - with utterly cringeworthy jokes. That's right, we're looking for YOUR dadliest jokes, puns, and all-around clownery! Our panel of fatherly joke experts will review all submissions to determine who is, by far, the Dad Joke Master.

Summon your inner dad powers and you can snag yourself some sweet stuff!

1st - 3rd Place

4th - 5th Place

  • "Daddy's Here" T-shirt
  • Dad-themed customization

6th - 15th Place

  • Dad-themed customization

How do I submit my daddest jokes?

I'm glad you asked, whoever you are! Simply follow along on our official forum thread, reply to our Facebook or Twitter posts, or hang out and gag it up in our Discord!

I like those T-shirts, can I get one if I don't win?

Yes, you can! Check out our Amazon store for two sweet Father's Day designs.


Make sure to get your entries in by Tuesday, June 15th. We'll be announcing the winners on Friday, June 19th, so get your Dad Joke motors running and enter today!