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Copa World of Tanks Contest

What is Copa World of Tanks?

In celebration of the highly anticipated soccer tournament, Copa América, Copa World of Tanks is a competition pitting the most popular tier VI tanks in the Americas against one another in an epic struggle for dominance! The vehicle with the most battles at the end of the month will be deemed most dominant tier VI armored vehicle in the Americas!

Plus, the top 100 base XP earning players in the winning vehicle will win awesome prizes!

How Does it Work?

The competition will begin in Group Stage, where each tank in a group will face off against each other. Each match lasts a couple days, and the tank with the highest battle count wins that match. The winning tanks gets 3 points, losing tanks get 0 points, and for matches that end in an equal number of battle counts, both tanks get 1 point. The top two tanks in points from each group qualify for the quarter-finals, as top two third-ranking tanks, making it a total of eight tanks advancing.

Quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals are single elimination based on battle count. 

  • Group Stage: June 8 through 13 
  • Quarter-Finals: June 15 through 18 
  • Semi-Finals: June 19 through 22 
  • Finals: June 23 through 28 

The top 100 commanders by base XP in the Copa World of Tanks' winning vehicle will win prizes.

 For any specific questions about how the contest works, leave them on the dedicated forum thread.

How Do I Participate?

Just hop into your favorite of the 12 tier VI vehicles in the chart below during each round and rack up the XP! Every battle you play counts towards your favorite vehicle's standing, but all you need is one incredible battle in the winning tank to earn you a spot on the leaderboard!

Group Stage


The top 100 base XP earning players driving the winning tank

Premium vehicle up to tier VIII + Garage Slot

Premium vehicle up to tier VI + Garage Slot

Premium vehicle up to tier V + Garage Slot

4th - 100th Place: 

7 Days of Premium Time

Chosen Premium vehicle prizes must be currently available in the tech tree at the end of the event. 

Participating in Copa World of Tanks will also help in your quest to become one of Wargaming's Own!