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Win a Box of Candy with World of Tanks!

In celebration of everyone's favorite sugar-crazed holiday, we'll be giving away candy boxes to a few lucky winners (residing in the US)! Enter one of three ways: 

1. On Social Media (October 4)

Play "Guess That Tank" on Twitter for your chance to win a candy box. On October 4, @WorldofTanks will be posting mystery tank images -- reply with your guesses using #GuessThatTank and your in-game name for the chance to win.

2. With MeatheadMilitia (Now to October 9)

Submit an image of your favorite tank in-costume to Work can be digital (Paint/Photoshop) or physical (crayons/real paint/etc.).

3. On

Keep an eye out for eight hidden GIFs linked within World of Tanks news posts. Find them all and you could win! The GIFs will be randomly hidden in posts throughout October with the last GIF hidden in an article that'll be published on October 28.

Once you've found all eight, post in this forum thread (your post will immediately be hidden, so don't panic!) and link to each article with the word(s) that point to the GIF.

Example: "hidden GIFs"
(That one's a freebie!)

Follow @WorldofTanks and Facebook and subscribe to YouTube for additional contests for candy!