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Choose Your Prizes from August's Tank Rewards!

The time has come to choose your prizes! Log into before September 30 to confirm your prizes for August. Remember: the more tickets earned, the more levels of prizes you access! 

If you don't choose your reward before September 30, you'll automatically receive the first choice on the website.

Choose Your Prizes!

SAMPLE IMAGE -- You must visit to claim prizes.

Questions? Check out the FAQ.

I've selected the August prizes -- when do I get them?
  • If you select your prizes before 15:00 PT, they'll be credited to your account after 16:00 PT that same day.
  • If you select your prizes after 15:00 PT, they'll be credited to your account after 16:00 PT the next day.
  • If you select your prizes over the weekend, they'll be credited to your account on Monday after 16:00 PT.
Can I use August tickets in future Tank Rewards events?

Nope! Any tickets you earned in August must be used for the August prizes at

Will I receive Gold or Credits if I already have the Premium tank?

Yes, you get a Gold compensation if you already own it.

Is there a way to tell how many tickets I have before they appear on

Yes, by using the in-game mission menu, you can track the tickets you've received during the month. However, after the month ends, Customer Support will need to assist you with tracking the number of tickets you have.

I don't have any tickets, but I'm sure that I have at least five.

Our reward administrators may not have added the tickets to your account, or you may not have earned at least five tickets. A Customer Support representative can confirm the number of tickets you've earned.

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