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All Star #54 and Heavy Metal MVP winners



Here are the winners of All Star #54 and the Heavy Metal MVP contest!

All Star #54 German: PzKpfw II, Dicker Max and Jagdtiger

PzKpfw II 

  1. SaVaGee 45 All Star Points
  2. tanky_the_tank 39 All Star Points
  3. martingalindo/Alekpoet  33 All Star points TIE! 

Dicker Max

  1. LOBSTER MOBSTER 31 All Star points
  2. PanzerFaux 22 All Star points 
  3. stray1 18  All Star points 


  1. Scruffee 30 All Star points
  2. Submarine 26 All Star points 
  3. warstore 25 All Star points 

Congratulations to all of our All Stars! Your gold should be disbursed into your account in the next 48 hours.

Heavy Metal MVP Winners

1. Veracks 495 XP 

2. SaVaGee 411 XP

3. JazzyBanny 360 XP

4. Scout1 359 XP

5. scitus 350 XP 

Congratulations to all of out MVP winners! Your gold should  be dispersed into your account in the next 48 hours.