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All Star #52 and Labor Day MVP Winners



Here are the winners of All Star #52 and the Labor Day MVP contest!

All Star #52: USA M22 Locust, T29 and M46 Patton

M22 Locust

  1. SaVaGee 45 All Star Points
  2. kufo 44 All Star Points
  3. blunt_object 43 All Star points


  1. BanzaiBonsai 33 All Star points
  2. Soulstice 30 All Star points 
  3. Saltpork 28 All Star points 

M46 Patton

  1. Leaderjack 33 All Star points
  2. Okeano 33 All Star points 
  3. Dasjuice 32 All Star points 

Congratulations to all of our All Stars! Your gold should be disbursed into your account in the next 48 hours.

Labor Day MVP Contest Winners

1. Kalis    418.74 XP

2. Desdichado 367.93 XP

3. SaVaGee  343.52 XP

4. Dopper 311.2 XP

5. Mega111   311 

Congratulations to all of out MVP winners! Your gold should  be dispersed into your account in the next 48 hours.