Global Map Season 6

Clan Warriors!

Season Six will begin on August 10, 2017, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) on the Global Map.

The Global Map is more than just battles against an opponent, there’s also battles of wits, logistics, and diplomacy. It’s one thing to outmaneuver 15 tanks on the battlefield; it’s another to outmaneuver an entire empire. Clan players should take pride in being a member of a land-owning clan, but more importantly, they should take pride in continuing to improve their own skills.

Previous seasons of the Global Map have hosted different team sizes and tiers, which left clans clamoring for more. More rewards, more land, more fun, more everything. However, it was difficult to balance all of our players’ needs while keeping things fair for everyone. Furthermore, as clans improved and sought more glory by advancing to another Front, they discovered that the vast difference in strategy between team size and tier was a difficult obstacle to overcome.

To address these concerns, Season 6 of the Global Map will return to its roots of 15v15 tier X gameplay, while retaining features from Season 5: revolts, ransacks, and quests. Using the same, familiar team size as Random battles will help clans adapt to competitive play easier as players will already know the how and why of a map’s hotspots. Additionally, condensing the map to a single Tier X Front will allow us to give much larger rewards more frequently.

There will be more ways to earn gold besides just holding provinces. Ransacks and revolts are ideal ways for nimbler clans to conduct quick raids on larger opponents that are distracted. Gold quests will be best used by clans that want to practice their strategies and teamwork before they attempt to establish their foothold, and reputation, on the map.

This doesn’t mean that the Global Map will never have a tier VI or VIII Front again. As Season 6 rumbles on, we’ll be reviewing data and feedback, and work on improving the funnel between tiers so that the journey to glory is a steady ascension.

Do you have what it takes to be the best? Show your strength, intimidate your foes, and prove your worth on the highest stage of all: the Global Map.

What Is New in Season Six

Tier X Front only

It was decided to keep only Tier X Front in Season Six. We return to the original format, when the Global Map was truly end-game content. The intention is to increase the competition level by making the Global Map gameplay more interesting and intensive.

More Provinces

Since other Fronts are removed, the number of provinces at tier X will be increased by 70% in comparison to the previous season.

Increased Income

In Season Six, task income will be increased by 1.5 times.

Personal Tasks

Personal Tasks that can be completed on the Global Map will be added.

Vehicle Lock Enabled

The vehicle lock will be turned on and its terms will be unified by vehicle tiers.

Changes to the Ransack Mechanics

The ransack rules will be changed. Now the clan will receive the two-day income of the province instead of the three-day income and the province will restore its normal income in three days instead of five days.

Season Six: General Rules

  • Regular, auction, auction, and landing provinces will be available on the Global Map
  • Clan operations are on. The task list may change throughout the season
  • “Fog of War” is on
  • Province leveling is disabled on all season fronts
  • Auctions are on
  • Vehicle lock is on
  • Ransacks are on
  • Revolts are on
  • Shifting battle start time for Influence is off. In 50% of provinces, battle start time is shifted by 15 minutes, depending on their Prime Times
  • The province owner does not participate in tournaments on landing provinces and in battles in tournaments through auction, or in attacks by land on their own provinces
  • Number of landing tournament participants: 32
  • Maximum number of active landing applications that can be submitted by one clan: six for Tier X Front
  • Clans that already own provinces cannot apply for landing tournaments on the Global Map
  • Clans cannot attack landing provinces by land
  • Division modules are on (strategic effect)
  • Division upkeep is free
  • Penalties are applied

On the first day of the game event, all provinces on the Global Map will be landing provinces. Once the Prime Time is over, the provinces will switch to the main mode of the game event according to the general rules of the season.

  • Number of landing tournament participants on the first day of the event: 16
  • If the battle for a landing province ends in draw, it will be counted as a defeat for the challengers

Vehicle Lock

Following the feedback of a large number of players, we turn on the vehicle lock on the Global Map again.

As before, vehicles destroyed in battles for a province will be locked for a while. At the same time, the locked vehicles can be used in landing battles.

Lock times for vehicles of the same tier are identical, irrespective of the vehicle types.

Vehicle Tier  Lock Time (Hours)
Light Tanks Medium Tanks  Heavy Tanks  SPGs Tank Destroyers 


 72  72  72  72  72

At the same time, if the landing tournament finalist defeats the province owner, the vehicle lock time will be shorter by 50%.

Fronts and Provinces

Tier X Season Front: 160 provinces.

Landing provinces: 20% of the total number of the Game Front provinces.

Game Front Prime Times: 23.00 UTC - 3.00 UTC


  • Abbey
  • Airfield
  • Arctic Region
  • Cliff
  • El Halluf
  • Ensk
  • Fisherman's Bay
  • Fjords
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Karelia
  • Lakeville
  • Malinovka
  • Mines
  • Mountain Pass
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Ruinberg
  • Sand River
  • Steppes

Personal Tasks

This is the first time, when tasks (that can be completed on the Global Map and rewarded with consumables and Personal Reserves) will be available throughout the season.

The tasks will be daily, i.e. they can be completed once a day.

Tasks will be updated daily. If a player won two out of three battles, the next day the progress will be reset and the task has to be started anew.

The tasks begin on the day of the season start and continue within a month.

# Task Reward
1 Play one battle 1х Large Repair Kit
2 Win a battle 1х Large Repair Kit
1х Automatic Fire Extinguisher
1х Large First Aid Kit
3   Win three battles 3х +100% Additional crew experience per battle (2 hours)
3х +100% Additional free experience per battle (2 hours)

Clan Tasks

In Season Six, clans will earn gold and Victory Points by completing clan tasks. 

Additional information about the conditions, terms, and values of the clan tasks will be provided in the interface of the Global Map.

When earning Victory Points in Season Six, clans will be able to participate in the Seasonal Leaderboards that will consist of stages. Stage duration: one week. Depending on the clan position in the stage ranking, clans will earn gold. Thus, clans do not need to wait till the season ends to receive the gold; the reward will be added automatically at the end of each stage. To participate in a stage, a clan should complete clan tasks rewarded with Victory Points throughout the stage. All Victory Points earned within the stage will be added to the stage score but will not be transferred to the next stage. Thus, at the beginning of each stage, all clans will have 0 Victory Points. At the same time, the total Victory Point score will be end-to-end and will not depend on the stage results.  Considering the total score, clans will receive Commemorative Tokens, medals, and clan camouflage.


Gold quests (3 quest sets, duration = 28 days and 14 days)

# Task Condition Value Province Reward Number of Completions Previous Task
1 Destroy enemy vehicles 200  Regular 3,000 1 -
2  Landing 2
3 Revolting
4  Win battles for provinces  3 2,250 1
5  Ransack a province  5  Regular  3,000 3
6  Cause damage  150 Landing  1,500 1
7  Earn experience  35 2,250  6
8  Cause damage  200  2,550  7
9  Win battles  10 2,850  8
10  Cause damage  600 3,150  9
11 Destroy enemy vehicles  210 3,450  10
12  Earn experience  143 3,750  11
13 Destroy enemy vehicles  210 4,500  12
14  Cause damage 600  7,500  13
15 Win battles for provinces  5 15,000  14

Monthly victory points quests (3 quest sets, duration = 28 days and 14 days)

# Task Condition Value Province Reward Number of Completions Previous Task
1 Cause Damage 90 Landing 2,000 Unlimited -
2 Destroy Enemy Vehicles 125 1,000
3 Earn Experience 150 500
4 Cause Damage 90 Regular 2,000
5 Destroy Enemy Vehicles 125 1,000
6 Earn Experience 150 500
7 Cause Damage 90 Revolting 3,000
8 Destroy Enemy Vehicles 125 1,500
9 Earn Experience 150 750

Weekly leaderboard victory points quests (5 quest sets, duration = 7 days)

 #  Task Condition  Value Province Rewards  Number of Completions Previous Task 
Win a Series of Battles  3 Landing 5,000 Unlimited  -
Destroy Enemy Vehicles  30
Win a Series of Battles 3 Revolting 8,000
Destroy Enemy Vehicles 30
 3 Win a Series of Battles 8 Landing 15,000
Destroy Enemy Vehicles 80 
Win a Series of Battles 8 Revolting 20,000
Destroy Enemy Vehicles 80
5 Destroy Enemy Vehicles  15 Landing 820
 6 Destroy Enemy Vehicles 15 Revolting  915

Commemorative Tokens and Awards

Emblems and Camouflage

Players of the clans that earned a position among the Tier X "Elite" will receive two clan camouflage patterns (winter and summer) and the  Emblem.



Season Clan Ranking. Seasonal Leaderboards.

3.1.1. By earning Victory Points, clans are placed in Seasonal Leaderboards. Seasonal Leaderboards comprise completion of clan tasks. By completing the clan tasks, clans are automatically placed in the ranking that remains active within a particular stage. A season will comprise several stages of Seasonal Leaderboards.

3.1.2. In-game gold will be awarded depending on a clan position in a stage ranking. Leaderboards are reset at the start of a new stage. Clans are ranked depending on the number of Victory Points earned during one stage.

3.1.3. The following rules are applied to Seasonal Leaderboards:

  • There is a separate stage ranking for every Front on the Global Map
  • If a clan plays simultaneously on several Fronts, it will be placed in several rankings
  • If a clan takes a prize-winning place in several stage rankings, it will get several rewards
  • If a clan scores the same number of Victory Points as the highest-ranking competitor, both clans will get an equal reward

Clan Medals

Tier X Season Front

Season 6 Winner
(I Class)

Season 6 Winner
(II Class)

Season 6 Winner
(III Class)

Season  Elite

Season Veteran 


Max. Position Min. Position Medal Clan Camouflage Clan Emblem Participation Emblem
1 - Season 6 Winner (I Class) + + +
2 - Season 6 Winner (II Class) + + +
3 - Season 6 Winner (III Class) + + +
4 10% Season Elite + + +
10 50% Season Veteran - - +

The Season Elite and Season Veteran awards will be granted for taking a position in a particular range of the clan ranking. For example, the Season Elite medal will be given to the clan placing in fourth and below within the top 10% of clans according to the season results. Consequently, any clan ranking in the top 10%-50% by season results will be awarded with the Season Veteran award. 

In order to receive the reward, you must have participated in at least 5 battles on the respective front and be a member of the clan at the time the season ends.

Throughout Season Six, the game mechanics and conditions, including some Front settings of the Global Map, as well as the composition and conditions of the clan tasks can be changed. Players will be informed about such changes via official game resources.