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Regulations for Clan Wars' Operation Safari

Are you a Clan Wars player curious about Operation Safari? As we prepare this new Global Map event, we'd like to share with you its rules and regulations.

1. General Regulations of Operation Safari

1.1. The Operation Safari game event will take place from October 14, 10:00 UTC to October 24, 10:00 UTC on the Global Map.

1.2. All Clans can participate in the event even if they are created after the event has begun.

1.3. The settings for the Operation Safari front are as follows:

  • All battles will be in tier VIII tanks
  • Battle format is 10 vs 10
  • Battle duration is 15 minutes
  • "Fog of War" is enabled
  • During the event, all provinces are landing provinces
  • The number of participants in landing tournaments is 64
  • The opportunity to participate in landing tournaments is enabled, even if you have provinces on the Global Map
  • Tank Locking is disabled
  • Division modules are disabled
  • All province income is set to 600per day
  • Province upgrading on the event front is disabled

2. Special Rules

The Operation Safari event will take place based on each Clan receiving quests, which may be personalized for each Clan. Current quest information, progress, and awards will be available on the Global Map interface.

For the event, a special front, Safari, will be available -- an autonomous territorial unit with its own primetime: 23:00 GMT -- 03:00 GMT. It is inclusive and has 200 provinces.

2.1. Landings

2.1.1 When the map is opened, Clans will select a reference primetime where it will operate. The reference primetime can be selected by the Commander, Deputy Commander, Personnel Officer, and Combat Officer, and only at the start of the first quest.

2.1.2. After the primetime is selected, a Clan will be sent to the front in their selected primetime, and will be randomly assigned a landing province, which will be the first task "Landing."

2.1.3. Once a reference primetime is confirmed by an authorized Clan officer, the Clan is considered to have started the task. The "Landing" task is time-limited and lasts until the end of the nearest primetime. If a Clan receives a Landing Task less than 1 turn before prime-time or during the target province's prime-time, the Landing Task may only be completed on the next day.

2.1.4. If a Clan has not chosen a reference primetime and successfully lands on one of the event front's provinces, the primetime of the province will be considered as the Clan's reference primetime. The Clan will be able to change the reference primetime later (2.1.8).

2.1.5. The "Landing" task is considered completed if a Clan wins the landing tournament and captures a province. Placing Headquarters is not required to capture a province.

2.1.6. The "Landing" task will be considered as failed if the Clan has not captured the target province after primetime ends.

2.1.7. If a Clan fails the "Landing" task, a new task of the first stage will be given after the end of the first primetime on the target province.

2.1.8. A Clan can change its reference primetime if it has no active "Capture" or "Defense" task.

2.1.9. To complete a "Landing" task, a Clan must meet the requirements mentioned in the "Landing on the Map: Tournaments" section of the Global Map guide.

2.2. Capture / Defense

2.2.1. If a Clan completes the "Landing" task and captures their target province on the map, it will get the next task -- "Capture"- capture a target province, which will be selected randomly from the landing province's neighboring provinces. The target province for this quest can be assigned within one hour of the reference primetime. If all neighboring provinces are owned by the Clan, the next stage's target province will be randomly chosen from another province in the same reference primetime. The province will be considered captured after ownership is given to the attacking Clan. Placing Headquarters is not required to capture the province. For "Capture" tasks, Clans have until the end of the nearest primetime to complete it.

2.2.2. The quest is considered failed if the Clan doesn't capture their target province before the end of the nearest primetime.

2.2.3. If a "Capture" task is failed, the Clan is immediately issued with a new "Landing" quest.

2.2.3. A "Capture" task will run simultaneously with a "Defense" task -- protect the province selected by quest conditions.

2.2.4. The "Defense" task is considered as failed if, at the end of the nearest primetime, the target province does not belong to the Clan.

2.2.5. Each stage of "Capture" tasks increases the rewards received by the Clan for "Capture" and "Defense." If a "Capture" task is failed, the progress is reset and returns to its original value.

2.2.6. The "Defense" tasks progress depends on the "Capture" tasks progress. The reward for completing "Defense" tasks will increase only if "Capture" tasks are completed.

2.2.7. If a Clan has an active "Defense" task, but the Clan was knocked off the map, the "Defense" task may still be completed if the target province is captured in a landing tournament before the task expires.

2.3. Additional Missions

2.3.1. Clan Fame Points can be earned not only by completing main quests but by preventing other Clans from completing their own tasks.

2.3.2. If a Clan captures a province that is the target province of another Clan's tasks (or multiple Clans), the interfering Clan gets 10% of the Clan Fame Points for the other Clan's "Capture" or "Defense" task chain in the battle for the target province.

2.3.3. Information on the potential reward for each province will be available on the Global Map interface.

For example, if a Clan interferes in the progress of two Clans, the reward will be added together and will be 10% of the Clan Fame Points, which is earned from both opponent Clans.

3. Fame Points

3.1. Clan Fame Points

A Clan will earn Fame Points by completing event tasks and participating in regular battles according to the following conditions:

3.1.1. "Landing" tasks: 500 Fame Points

3.1.2. The number of Fame Points for performing "Capture" and "Defense" tasks is calculated based on the stage of "Capture" task -- the number of successfully completed tasks in a row.
































3.1.3. At the end of each battle, Clan Fame Points will be awarded in an amount equal to one Clan player, who participated in the battle.

3.2. Personal Fame Points

3.2.1. Personal Fame Points will be awarded according to the following formula:

Fame_Points: Fame Points

Fame_Points_base: Current event Fame Points coefficient -- 500

Battle_Type_c: Battle type coefficient

Event_Value_c: Game event coefficient: 1

Еlo_c: Elo rating coefficient; Elo rating corresponds to the current ELO rating on the Tier VIII Front

Team_XP: Amount of Experience a team earns in battle

Battle_XP: Common amount of Experience both teams earn in battle

Team_Size: 10 by default

3.3. Boosting coefficients

All multiplying coefficients during the events are shown in the table below. The total number of Fame Points are calculated after applying all the coefficients.

Battle Type


Challengers tournament


Battle against province owner


Elo rating coefficient

Elo Rating of Enemy Clan


< = 1000






1400 -1600






4. Penalty System

4.1. In Operation Safari, a penalty system will be active and introduced to battle absentees. The system operates automatically and reacts to the information at the end of each battle.

4.2. If a Clan with a Division on a province enters a battle and the team consists of less than 8 players, penalties will be applied to the Clan.

4.3. The penalty system will be progressive -- the more violations a Clan has, then the harsher the penalties.

4.4. A Clan's first three violations will result in a warning notification. After three warnings, penalties will be applied to the Clan for each subsequent violation.

4.5. The system is configured to select the level of punishment on the basis of information about violations in the last seven days.

4.6. The list of penalties for rule violations is below (becomes active after three warnings):

Number of Absent Battles in Last 7 Days



Warning notification to Clan


  1. 10% total Clan Fame Point fine
  2. 10% Clan Influence point fine


  1. 10% total Clan Fame Point fine
  2. 20% Clan Influence point fine
  3. 50% fewer landing tournaments applications fine on event front

4 or more

  1. 10% total Clan Fame Point fine
  2. 30% Clan Influence point fine
  3. 100% fewer landing tournaments applications fine on event front


4.7. Penalty system example: If a Clan had a first offense 4 days ago and today had another, the system evaluates the amount of violations in the past 7 days, and will apply to the Clan sanctions referred to in row 2 of the table above.

4.8. If neither Clan shows up for a battle, the system will count an offense to both Clans.

Fake battles are considered rule violations and will be punished with full Clan and personal Fame Points penalties and game account suspension.

In disputes of crediting Fame Points (suspected "false" battles, etc.), administrators reserve the right to request a battle replay, screenshots and other information relating to the situation. If the requested information is not provided, the administration reserves the right to impose sanctions on potential offenders. We strongly recommend that you enable "record battles" in your game settings.

5. Awards and Medals

The main prizes of Operation Safari will be 500 French tier VIII FCM 50t tanks and 1,800 US tier VII T23E3 tanks, which will be awarded in accordance with the conditions below:

Tanks According to Clan Licenses

Tanks by Personal Fame Points

Total No. of Tanks

FCM 50t



FCM 50t







Clan Ranking

5.1.1. The top Clans at the end of the event will be awarded licenses to the T23E3 and FCM 50t tanks. Tank licenses will be distributed depending on the position in the overall Clan rank:

Clan Rank


Amount of Licenses

Number of Tanks


FCM 50t







5.1.2. A Clan license will credit only one tank for a player.

5.1.3. The prize tank for Clan licenses will be credited to all players of the Clan who played at least five battles on the event Front in this Clan during the event.

5.1.4. Uncredited tanks by Clan licenses will be distributed among players in personal standings according to the wildcard system.

5.1.5. Clans who scored the same amount of Clan Fame Points will receive the same number of licenses. These Clan licenses will be credited to the same amount of players as mentioned in point 5.1.3 of the Regulations.

Personal Ranking

5.1.6. Tanks for personal rankings will be distributed among players who took the highest place in the Hall of Fame.

5.1.7. Tank distribution for personal rankings will be made only after crediting Clan licenses and wildcard tanks.

If a player, under the terms of Regulations, is credited the tank, but already owns the tank, they will receive the appropriate compensation in Gold:

  • FCM 50t -- 11,900
  • T23E3 -- 7,000

Operation Safari Medals




Awarded to players who participate in 5 or more battles on the Global Map during Operation Safari.

Tactical Master I Class

Awarded to players who win more than 80% of battles in Operation Safari and participated in 20 battles minimum.

Tactical Master II Class

Awarded to players who win more than 70% of battles in Operation Safari and participated in 20 battles minimum.

Tactical Master III Class

Awarded to players who win more than 60% of battles in Operation Safari and participated in 20 battles minimum.

Tactical Master IV Class

Awarded to players who win more than 50% of battles in Operation Safari and participated in 20 battles minimum.

Big Game Hunter I Class

Awarded to players of the 1st place Clan in Operation Safari.

Big Game Hunter II Class

Awarded to players of the 2nd place Clan in Operation Safari.

Big Game Hunter III Class

Awarded to players of the 3rd place Clan in Operation Safari.