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Announcing Operation Safari, the Next Clan Wars Global Map Event!

Operation Safari is the first game event on the New Global Map, during which we'll test new mechanics and other features of large-scale Clan events! Quests, fierce tank battles, conflicts with other Clans, and of course, Gold and tank prizes -- all this awaits you on safari!


It's the early 21st century. The world is experiencing a period of instability and tension. Many places on the planet host fierce conflict. The balance is still shaky, but one event along the equator threatens to push the world into all-out war, which might be the last one of humanity. It all started when the government of one of the Gulf countries decided to transfer their stocks of weapons-grade uranium for processing to IAEA.

Several tons of uranium was loaded onto a cargo ship under top-secret conditions. As a result of sabotage, a warship escorting a cargo ship was sunk in the Gulf of Aden, and in an ensuing pirate attack, the cargo was seized. In a few days, access to weapons-grade uranium could be in the hands of anyone who can pay for it. The UN's goal was very clear: preventing a formidable resource from getting to forces all too willing to use it! We must act immediately before the uranium disappears into the vastness of Africa!

First Details

Operation Safari runs from October 14-24.

Event System

  • Clans will perform a sequence of tasks unique to each
  • Battle operations will be carried out on one front: the Horn of Africa
  • In order to provide an opportunity for the greatest number of Clans to get Gold, the income of all provinces on the front will be 600

Awards and Achievements

During the event, Clans will earn Fame Points, and players will receive Personal Fame Points for each battle, which will allow Clans and their players to get the main prizes.

The main prizes of Operation Safari are:

500 of French tier VIII FCM 50t

1,800 of US tier VII Т23Е3 w/ improved penetration

In an upcoming update, the T23E3's armor penetration will be improved:

  • AP ammunition: 149mm (previously 128mm)
  • APCR ammunition: 190mm (previously 177mm)

Based on experience from previous game events, the prize distribution system of tanks will be changed, and will be based on the activity of both Clans and players, which will balance the prizes in Clan and individual competition.

Distribution of Clan tanks will be based on a system of licenses, which was used in the "Armageddon" event, and distribution of tanks in individual standings will be based on the system used in the "Twilight of the Gods" event.

The current method of prize distribution:

  • Distribution of 500 FCM 50t licenses to Clans with the highest place in the ranking
  • The remaining FCM 50t Clan tanks are distributed by the Wild Card system among players, according to the number of Personal Fame Points
  • Distribution of 1,000 T23E3 licenses to Clans, according to the number of Fame Points
  • The remaining T23E3 Clan tanks are distributed by the Wild Card system among players, according to the number of Personal Fame Points
  • After distribution of all Clan tanks, 800 T23E3 tanks distributed among players according to the number of Personal Fame Points

More information about the calculation system will be available in the Operation Safari Regulations, to be published soon.



Big Game Hunter I Class

Big Game Hunter II Class

Big Game Hunter III Class

Tactical Master I Class

Tactical Master  II Class

Tactical Master III Class

Tactical Master IV Class


Conditions for obtaining medals will be published in the Regulations.

More news to follow!