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"Operation Typhoon" Comes to the Global Map!

Event Starts April 18, 04:00 PT / 07:00  ET
Ends May 2, 04:00 PT / 07:00 ET

We're pleased to announce the start of a new event where Clans will meet to prove their battle skills and claim dominance!

Make your contribution to the war effort -- join the battle and secure a well-deserved victory!

First Details

Operation Typhoon is a tier VIII event that runs from April 18 to May 2.

Event System

  • During the event, Clans will receive Fame Points for defending their provinces or capturing new provinces.
  • The Global Map will feature new regions -- battles will start in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia.
  • In order to provide an opportunity for the greatest number of Clans to get Gold, the income of all provinces on the Operation Typhoon Front will be 600

Awards and Achievements

As in previous campaigns and events, Clans will earn Fame Points, and players will receive Personal Fame Points for each battle, which will allow Clans and their players to get the main prizes.

The main prizes of Operation Typhoon are...

2,000 UK tier VIII Chieftain\T95 vehicles

We've reworked the vehicle award system based on experience from previous events -- now vehicles will be awarded based on personal standings where players are rated according to the number of personal Fame Points earned. The top 2,000 players will get a unique vehicle.


Clan Rating

A new Clan awards system will be introduced In Operation Typhoon -- Over 4,500,000 Industrial Resource units will be allocated to the top Clans based on their rank at the end of the event. 

More information about the calculation system will be available in the Operation Typhoon Regulations, to be published soon.


In addition to the main prizes, players will also have a chance to earn unique medals.  


Conditions for obtaining medals will be published in the Regulations.

Rules and Regulations