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Map Changes on the Global Map


As many of you are likely aware, we are in the midst of a brief ceasefire on the Global Map. We'll be using this downtime to make a few changes to which map represents several provinces on our Global Map. With the Update 9.5, two maps have been removed from the game - Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire, and thus will also be removed from the Global Map.

In their place, we'll be introducing two new maps: Windstorm and Kharkov!

Update: The map changes are live!



Full List of Map Changes

ProvinceOld MapNew Map
standard_provGrise Fiord, Nunavut Severogorsk Windstorm
landing_provBathurst Island Severogorsk Fisherman's Bay
standard_provArctic Bay, Nunavut Severogorsk Windstorm
standard_provIqaluit, Nunavut Fjords Windstorm
standard_provKlondike, Yukon Severogorsk Northwest
landing_provVancouver, British Columbia Ensk Kharkov
standard_provWinnipeg, Manitoba Abbey Kharkov
standard_provThunder Bay, Ontario Cliff Kharkov
landing_provNorthern Labrador Severogorsk Tundra
standard_provYorkton, Saskatchewan Severogorsk Kharkov
standard_provFrechen Land Severogorsk Arctic Region
landing_provCrown Prince Christian's Land Severogorsk Windstorm
standard_provNorthern Lambert Land Severogorsk Mountain Pass
landing_provCape Barclay Severogorsk Fisherman's Bay
standard_provThe Aleutian Range Fjords Windstorm
landing_provPortland, Oregon Siegfried Line Kharkov
standard_provBlack Hills Mountain Pass Windstorm
hvt_provDetroit, Michigan Ruinberg on Fire Kharkov
standard_provAugusta, Maine Fisherman's Bay Windstorm


Note: During the Holiday Ceasefire, the provinces which were previously Severogorsk or Ruinberg on Fire have been temporarily changed to a placeholder due to their removal in the 9.5 Update. The full list of changes will be set live prior to the end of the Ceasefire.