Global Map: Introducing the Alliance Mechanic


The 10th anniversary season of Global Map starts in September, and it brings significant changes to Clan Wars. The 10th season starts in the second part of September and lasts until mid-December, while the massive event starts on the Global Map after the New Year.

Here are the first details of the 10th season (each image title corresponds to the tabs that follow):

Very Cool, But What Does It All Mean? The Tabs Tell All...

  • General
  • Alliance Features
  • Convoys

On the Global Map, clans can consolidate hierarchical units called Alliances

Any Alliance has a main clan (Major Power) and subordinate clans (Minor Powers). A subordinate clan can have only one Major Power, while a Major Power can have several Minor Powers. Minor powers pay off some of the resources they earn on the Global Map to their Major Power with special mechanics (see Convoy tab).

Within Alliances (between a Major and Minor Power) the following features will be introduced:

  • Transferring provinces from one clan to another: A clan can hand over a province it owns to its Minor or Major Power on the Global Map, thus helping an ally to be in the right place on the map at the right time. 
  • Delegating battles: A clan can delegate its attack to a Minor or Major Power on the Global Map. In this case, the Allied clan fights in the battle instead of your clan, which allows Allies to coordinate their actions (plus, it makes Global Map warfare more impressive).

Once clans arrange their relationship, a Minor Power must pay some of its earnings on the Global Map to its Major Power. These resources are not sent directly to the Major Power’s treasury, however, but instead transferred via the new battle mode on the Global Map — Convoy.

After a subordinate relationship is approved, a part of the resources the minor clan earns starts accumulating in a special treasury. Once a certain amount of resources is accumulated, the Minor Power clan needs to send them to its Major Power. Other non-Alliance clans can intercept this Convoy; if victorious in the ensuing battle, the raiding clan can plunder some of these resources.

These are the first and most important details. More information regarding the game mechanics will be revealed in the regulations of the 10th season. Keep an eye on the news!