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Fall of the Empires: Third Campaign's Third Stage

The Third Stage of the Third Campaign is upon us, and as the Third Campaign is based on the Great War, so is our third and final stage. By the end of the Great War, the various empires that had been in power fell, and for that reason, the final stage of the Third Campaign is entitled Fall of the Empires.

1. General Rules for the Third Stage of the Third Campaign

1.1. The Third Stage of the Campaign on Global Map will be called Fall of the Empires and will last 8 days from December 9-17, 2014.

1.2. Vehicles up to and including tier X can take part in this Stage.

1.3. Ransacks and Revolts are enabled.

1.4. Starting December 9, 10:00 PST until December 10, 10:00 PST, World Redivision mode will be active:

  • All provinces are available for landing.
  • All scheduled battles will be canceled; the chips will be returned to the Clan's reserve without cooldown.
  • Spy and Counterspy are enabled.
  • Revolts and Ransacks are disabled.
  • Maximum number of landing applications during World Redivision mode: 32
  • If during a landing tournament a battle with a province owner ends in a draw, the province goes to the attacker.

1.5. World Redivision ends on December 11. After that, the Fall of the Empires rules are enacted:

  • Revolts and Ransacks are enabled.
  • Revolt probability is highly increased.
  • The maximum number of applications for landing participation returns to 64.

1.6. The last turn of the Third Campaign will begin on December 17 at 09:00 PST.

1.7. During the Third Campaign, any Clan may switch between maps or leave the map completely. By leaving the map, a Clan loses all of its provinces on that particular map but retains all of their Fame Points.

1.8. When leaving a map, all of the Clan's chips as well as its Headquarters are removed from the map and go to the Clan's reserve. The chips and Headquarters, withdrawn from the map, will be available after 24 hours. Chips available in reserve may be deployed on the Global Map during the following turn after leaving. Chips on cooldown in a Clan's reserve may be deployed as soon as the cooldown expires.

2. The Main Objective of Fall of the Empires

2.1. During "Fall of the Empires," Clans can get a bonus to their fame points in two ways: by increasing the number of provinces it owns or by fighting with Clans who have more provinces.

2.2. The Gameplay multiplier "G" is introduced in the Third Stage of the Campaign, which depends on the number of provinces a Clan owns and the difference in number of provinces between competing Clans. You can see how "G" factors into Fame Point calculations in the Fame Point Guide.

G = 1 + (N1 + N2 / N1) × 0.25

N1 - Number of provinces owned by your Clan (if a Clan has no provinces, N1 = 1);

N2 - Number of provinces owned by the opposing Clan (if the enemy Clan has no provinces, N2 = 1).

2.3. Calculated G coefficient is rounded to one decimal place.

2.4. Coefficient G is calculated depending on the situation at the current turn, before the province moves into possession of another clan.

For example:

[CLAN X] owns only one province, P1. [CLAN Y] owns three provinces, P2, P3 and P4. [CLAN X] attacks [CLAN Y] on province P2, wins the battle and becomes the new owner of the province on the next turn. On the current turn [CLAN Y] is still the owner of the province, so that’s why the Fame Point multiplier G will be calculated as follows:

When calculating Fame Points for [CLAN X] players, multiplier G should be calculated according to the formula:

N1 = 1, N2 = 3

G = 1 + (1 + 3/1) × 0.25 = 1 + 4 × 0.25 = 2

When calculating Fame Points for [CLAN Y] players, multiplierG should be calculated according to the formula:

N1 = 3, N2 = 1

G = 1 + (3 + 1/3) × 0.25 = 1 + 3.3 × 0.25 ≈ 1,8

Thus, Fame Points of [CLAN X] players should be calculated using multiplier G=2, and Fame Points of [CLAN Y] players should be calculated using multiplier 1.8.

3. Additional Missions of the Third Stage

3.1. Invasion: If a Clan defeats an opponent who, at the time of the battle, owns 3 or more provinces, that Clan will get 10% more Fame Points for the battle (in the calculation formula Z = 1.1).

3.2. Starting from the First Stage and until the end of the Third Campaign, Clans may complete landing missions. The full list of landing missions and its rules are given in the Third Campaign Regulations.

3.3. Additionally, during the Campaign, it is possible to perform secondary and special missions, which may also be found in the Third Campaign Regulations.