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Clan League Pro Bowl

The Clan League may be over, but the participants aren't yet done showing off!

In this player-organized Clan League Pro Bowl, a total of 40 Clan League players will face each other in one last hurrah. Watch the action November 22 at 18:00 PT (21:00 ET)!

Even if you're not in one of the Clans involved, you will still be able to enjoy this event! Watch the battle with casting by Inchon on his Twitch channel!


The Belligerents
Team Aggressor Team Tigers

CAPTAIN Aggressor________Hi [BULBA]

_DanieI [RELIC]


AllHardAllTheTime [FOXEY]


eric6129 [CHAI]


Ledif [RDDT]

Merentar [PINGU]

Militaris [-G-]

Mustaccioli [HT]

olaechea [-404-]

Oxmathus_FeelsBadMan [BULBA]

pejaqsy [CHAI]

PlatedPotato [-G-]

rygendale [-404-]

shutupshake [RDDT]

ukie_ [REL_3]

Wildblade [BUNNY]

WorstCaptainNA [VILIN]

CAPTAIN TigersLovePepper [OTTER]



Ajax1170 [VILIN]

BadAdvice [ESPRT]

BoilerBandsman [BUNNY]

Brettk42O2 [BULBA]

Dankguy [SHOJO]

Deaitch [ESPRT]

Dellarick [HT]

Executis [SIMP]

Georgietheprincess [SHOJO]


lethal_force [REL_3]

Limewire [MAHOU]

MagentaPanda [MAHOU]

Morphic [RELIC]

Omnidon [HAVOK]

SpeedWeaponry [SIMP]

Warbander [OTTER]


What Are They Fighting For?

Each participant will receive 2,500. Additionally, each player on the winning team will receive a sought-after prize, and each player on the losting team receives one month of Premium time.