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Clan Wars Civil War Comes to a Close


We recently announced a player-organized Global Map event called the Civil War. Well, the event has come to a conclusion, and you can check out the results and several videos of the Clan Wars action below.

The North

The South


Watch the Battles

Even those who were not involved in the event have much to gain from it. Several of the highest-performing Clans on the NA region were streaming during the event, and the archived videos (both on Twitch and Youtube) can be an incredible resource to learn from. Here's a small sample of some of the videos you'll find.

Streamer: CheesusWalks  Clans: [ESPRT] vs [PLSGO]  Map: Steppes
CheesusWalks guides us through a post-battle review of their battle on Steppes, explaining why they did what they did, what went right and what went wrong. Post-battle reviews are an essential part of success in Clan Wars. ESPRT wins this one 15-9, but don't feel too bad for PLSGO, as they returned the favor soon after.
Streamer: SublimeSilence  Clans: [FOXEY] vs [BULLS]  Map: Live Oaks
SublimeSilence calls a thrilling battle, ending in a 1v1 in which either player could be a one-shot kill. This video includes audio from the players during the match, so you can learn what these guys were saying and exactly what led them to specific actions.
Streamer: Zomb1efood  Clans: [VILIN] vs [RELIC]  Map: Mines
A lone Bat. Chat. stops several tanks dead in their tracks, and VILIN capitalizes on their opponents mistake. This match is a great example of how to take advantage of an enemy who has cornered themselves by keeping them pinned and clearing the rest of the map. VILIN has an overmatch in each small engagement, and then they move in for the knockout punch.
Streamer: RatZ1LLa  Clans: [-G-] vs [OTTER]  Map: Prokhorovka
This battle between two juggernauts shows just how important focused-fire is to achieve a victory. A few smaller skirmishes add up to a thrilling, but decisive battle.
Watch all 75+ videos right here.

Clan Invitational Tournament

Last, but certainly not least, we have a few invitations to the 2nd Clan Invitational Tournament to offer. For the victorious side, the two clans who will receive this prize are: [THUGZ] and [RUS]. Both Clans did an excellent job in their roles - one defending from landing invasions in the south, while the other caused havoc in the north. For the vanquished, there was a much closer race over who would take this prize, but in the end, [ESPRT] takes home the prize by a narrow margin.


Congratulations to all those who participated, and an excellent job to all involved in the creation of this event. We hope everyone has gotten something positive from this, whether it's the excitement of being in some thrilling battles, getting your first glimpse of high-level Clan Wars battles via one of the several livestreams, or getting the opportunity to study the victories and defeats from all the archived footage of the event.