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Clan Wars Civil War Begins


An exciting player-organized event is about to begin on the Global Map! 20 Clans are positioned in the Northern US and Southern Canada and are ready for a full-scale war.

War is about to begin...

The Belligerents
The North The South

Will President Abraham Inchon PowerPoint The North to victory, or will The South rise again under the command of President JayZ Davis?

Even if you're not in one of the Clans involved, you will still be able to enjoy this event. More than 20 players will be streaming their battles, giving you a rare look at Clan Wars battles at the highest level. You can see the full list of streamers and the scoring of the event right here, generously hosted on WoTManager.

What are they fighting for?

Each clan on the winning side will win 50,000 for their Clan. In addition, 2 teams from the winning side and 1 team from the losing side will earn a spot in the Clan Invitational Tournament, an upcoming Clan tournament with huge prizes and thrilling broadcasted matches.