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Clan Wars Second Campaign: Stage II

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The revolution has begun, and now as mayhem spreads, we reach the second Stage of the Second Campaign. Our friendly name for it is "Train Robbery," and it should continue the excitement as Clans roll on to this new campaign.

Tiers are restricted to I - VIII, and only tank locking will be disabled for Stage II. World redivision will occur, but there will not be a map wipe.

Stage II Details

Trains loaded with Victory Points are moving across the Global Map. Each train’s location is displayed with a special icon () on the Clan Wars Campaign map. A shaded version of the icon () indicates the next day’s location of the train. Any Clan owning a province with a train will receive 292 Victory Points each turn. There will be several trains in each region, and they will be moving to a new province each day. Victory Points earned during Stage II cannot be lost.

World Redivision: If you were not happy with your results during Stage I, you may be happy to know that Stage II will start in World Redivision mode again; however, there will not be a wipe. Clans that earned their provinces during Stage I will stay on the map, but they have the option of removing themselves from the map before the stage begins with the "Exit Map" button. Please keep in mind that in World Redivision mode, draws in the Battle with Owner go to the attacker, rather than defender. Provinces will also be limited to 32 applicants during World Redivision, and will revert to 64 during normal Stage II rules.

Stage II Quick Reference Guide


Days: 12
World Redivision: 11/20/2013 (with no map wipe)
Stage II rule set: 11/21/2013 – 12/1/2013

Maximum Tier


Enabled Special Features

Spies/Counter Spies
1.1x Stage multiplier 

Disabled Special Features

Tank Locking

Gain Victory Points

Any Clan owning a province with a train will receive 292 Clan Victory Points each turn for each province they own that has a train currently on it.

In other words:
Victory Points per turn = 292 * (Train Provinces Owned) 

Complete any of these secondary objectives during a battle to receive additional personal Fame Points:






Win a battle while owning more than one train



While your Clan owns at least one train, win a battle. The battle doesn't need to be for the province with the train on it.

Ambush 1.2 Battle with a Clan that currently owns at least one train (at the time of battle). The battle doesn't need to be on the province with the train.

There are also a few Medals/achievements to earn during Stage II. These medals are awarded to all members who have participated in at least one battle during Stage II for the Clan that wins them, unless noted otherwise.




Score the greatest number of Victory Points during Stage II of the 2nd Campaign (Awarded to all Clan members)

Strike of Fortune

Rob more than one train within 24 turns during Stage II of the 2nd Campaign (Awarded to all Clan members)


Score any number of Victory Points during Stage II of the 2nd Campaign (Awarded to all Clan members)

Competitor of the Second Campaign, Stage II

Participate in at least one battle during Stage II  (Awarded on an individual basis rather than by Clan)

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