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Clan Spotlight: MAHOU

[MAHOU] Memesters Accused of Hacking                                              

This month’s Clan Spotlight highlights one of the top NA Clans, MAHOU. We sat down with some of their officers to find out what makes them such a powerhouse on and off the Clan Wars map.

How did MAHOU start?

BananaCannon: We were originally an anime social Clan, though we planned to do Clan Wars eventually. I’m actually the fourth Commander. The first commander was MahouShoujo (“Muyu”) who really just paid the Gold necessary to make the Clan. The second commander was Sayaka_Maizono who first worked toward building it up. We hung out on TeamSpeak, Platooned together and compared the latest [anime] shows between games of Cards Against Humanity. Arma (Kawaii_Anime_Girl) succeeded [Sayaka] and ran the Clan for quite a while before real life caught up with him too and he passed the reins to BananaCannon. We happened to have some good players and that casual friendship that we were based on is something that we rely on, because we genuinely care about our members and we all like winning together.

Around the Third Campaign was when we first started transitioning from a social Clan to something more competitive. 

Kawaii_Anime_Girl: There was one point in MAHOU’s early history when I was the Clan commander where we tried farming Gold during the Civil War, and it almost killed the Clan. Ever since then, MAHOU hasn’t been about farming as [it] was the eventual downfall of other older Clans.

What are your Clan goals?

BananaCannon: The goal was always to be fair to everyone, in our own Clan and in other Clans. We’ve never really been warmongers, except for the sake of getting fights. Our goal has always been self-improvement. We like to fight every night or as much as possible. We feel people get better by playing the game and we don’t like it when people just sit around doing nothing. We try to mix it up and we posture ourselves [to] get those fights in a fair way and don’t really stir the pot except to get people to stay fresh and play the game. I think a lot of people acknowledge us for that, not simply declaring war on everybody, but being in that position where we fought and improved.

Mahou came first in Birth of the Titans. What was your strategy?

BananaCannon: A lot of that was reading the rules and having a lot of experience in the previous campaigns. We actually were in first place in the last campaign as well. Even though we were fielding fewer teams, if you look into the rules and get an idea about what the actual objectives are, it’s pretty easy to outperform other Clans, if you know you can win.

Eural_NoMemes: It’s still about winning battles. That’s what we’re all about at the end of the day.

BananaCannon: And Wril helped out a lot. As far as winning this Birth of Titans campaign, Wril was calling almost non-stop. He placed in first in Personal Fame Points by a large margin because he was here every day calling most of our battles and he did an amazing job.

How do you keep your members motivated to show up every day?

BananaCannon: "Don’t take long breaks" is probably the best advice I could give somebody. Whenever you stop playing, people will start doing other things and get out of the habit of showing up.

Eural_NoMemes: We always have something to do.

BananaCannon: Not having breaks is the best thing to keep your players engaged because then they get in the habit of coming on every night. And that’s really what’s important.

CharAznableTheRedComet: Also giving them a reason to play, like Credit bonuses. We pop a lot of those.

BananaCannon: We pop three or four every night. If there’s a single stronghold detachment running, you should always have a Credit bonus running because you will reimburse yourself, as long as you win a decent amount. If you win 75% of your battles, that’s enough, and we win 80-90% of our battles.

CharAznableTheRedComet: We try to have fun with it.

BananaCannon: If you win most of your games, you get back the boxes for Credit Reserves. You should [always] run them because it helps your Clan earn Credits to buy more tanks and then they can perform better.

Kawaii_Anime_Girl: There’s also Slack. Slack is really important for letting people know when things are going on.

Stronghold Skirmish Details

What: Absolute Stronghold Skirmishes
Who: [MAHOU]
When: January 15, 17:00 PT (20:00 ET) to approx. 19:00 PT (22:00 ET)
Where: NA East server

We will be challenging players on the NA East server, so log in there to find us!

If you face off against our Spotlight Skirmish, you'll have a chance to win Gold prizes!

If you have any questions you'd like us to ask MAHOU while on the stream, please leave them in the comments thread for this article or ask them in the Twitch chat!

Gold from this event will be distributed by Monday, January 23.

ResultIf you encounter
the Spotlight Skirmish...
Win 500
Lose 250
Draw 0