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Clan History Available in New Clan Portal Update

The Clan Portal has a new update with new ways to search Clans and players. Check out what's new!

Clan History

The latest update introduces the History; a way of viewing past changes such as Clan creation, position changes, along with players who joined or left.

Clan members can see who made the change to their own Clan, while players not enlisted in the Clan can only see what change was made and when.

Future additions to Clan history include Global Map stats and Stronghold battles.

Player Search

Searching for players on the Clan Portal can help with recruiting new Clan members and expand your Clan. Search results include all active players and their main stats.

If a player hasn't participated in any battles in the past year, they will not appear in the search results. If a player's account has been blocked, they will appear in the search results but without their stats. 

When you select a player, you'll see their Clan history and their overall and recent stats. If the player isn't a Clan member, you can invite that player to your Clan with only a few clicks. 

Clan Search

Search for a Clan with either its name or tag and in the results, you'll see matching Clans and their overall or recent battle stats. Click on the Clan for more details, and you can submit an application to join the Clan.