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Catch This Week's Clan League Action

The final two weeks of Clan League is underway! It all starts with four quarterfinal matches in Challengers League. The winners of these matches will move on to next week's semifinals.

Tomorrow, the Champions League ends with the highly anticipated final match between  [BULBA] and  [MAHOU].  These two titans will duke it out for bragging rights, and the honor of being the best Clan on NA. Don't miss it!

Challengers League Quarterfinals
May 23


Challengers League

#1  [-G-] 18:00 PT #8  [HAVOK] Woobey +
#2   [_FAM_] 18:00 PT #7  [_-W-_] TBA TBA
#3   [CLAWS] 18:00 PT #6 [-LL-] TBA TBA
#4  [RDDT] 18:00 PT #5  [NARWL] ezgames +

Champions League Finals
May 24


Champions League

 [BULBA] 18:00 PT  [MAHOU] Inchon +

Champions League Playoff Brackets

Champions League

   [BULBA] 5    
  May 19  [BULBA]   
 [R-7] 5      
May 17  [R-7] 1    
 [MO] 0      
    May 24
 [MAHOU] 5     Champion
May 17  [MAHOU] 5    
 [VILIN] 2      
  May 19  [MAHOU]   
   [OTTER] 3    
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Pro Bowl
May 26 & 27

In the player-organized Pro Bowl, 64 Clan League players will face each other in one last hurrah.

Even if you're not in one of the Clans involved, you can still watch the action!

Team1 May 26
18:00 PT
Team2 Waifu + Eural Waifu
Team3 May 26
18:00 PT
Team4 ezgames ezgames
Team 1 or 2 May 27
18:00 PT
Team 3 or 4 Inchon + Ledif Inchon2

Each participant gets 2,500. Additionally, each player on the 1st place team will receive an M41 90 Bulldog, and each player on the 2nd place team receives one month of Premium time.