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Clan Tasks: New Challenges for Brothers in Arms

We're pleased to announce that this feature is now available, as of the 9.6 update!

Are you always battling for provinces on the Global Map? Do you constantly participate in Campaigns or in-game Missions? Coming soon in Update 9.6, you and your Clan will see even more benefits to participating on the Global Map with the addition of Clan Tasks.

Clan Tasks are special missions that a Clan gains after completing of a set of conditions. For example, tasks can be issued when creating a Clan, at the start of a new day, after completing previous tasks, or many additional ways!  Rewards for completing Clan Tasks can include Gold, inscriptions, and more (details below).

There are two types of Clan Tasks: Scenarios and Expeditions.


Scenarios are a series of Clan Tasks that start immediately after creating a Clan. Completing a Scenario will unlock the next one. A Scenario can have multiple branches: at certain points, you can choose from several Scenarios, each with its own separate tasks.

Examples of Scenarios:

  • Earn a certain amount of Experience in landing battles;
  • Defeat 10 Clans in landing battles;
  • Capture a province with a daily income of 960 Gold or greater through a landing battle or revolt;
  • Capture and hold 3 provinces for 72 turns


Expeditions are a linear chain of Clan Tasks performed directly on the Global Map. These require that a Clan capture a specific province by a specific time. The Clan can earn even greater rewards by continuing their Expedition. However, if the Clan fails to satisfy a specific Clan Task’s criteria, the Expedition will end.

The Development team has big plans for new Clan Tasks. Your feedback will help determine exactly what kind they will be, and even how quickly they are added!

Task Rewards

After completing a Scenario, a Gold reward will be credited to your Clan Treasury. Complex tasks will reward even more Gold!

Participating in an Expedition will reward Gold and unique Clan content to both the Clan and the player. Rewards can be Gold, a special emblem, camouflage, or inscription on a tank to show off your battle achievements on the Global Map.

Expand your empire! 

Full details in our Clan Tasks Guide