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Clan Wars Fourth Campaign Stage 1: The Scorpion's Tail

The first stage of the Fourth Campaign "The Scorpion's Tail" is coming up, so get acquainted with the rules before taking on the Global Map!

1. Fourth Campaign's First Stage General Rules 

1.1. The first stage of the Fourth Campaign is called The Scorpion’s Tail and will take place from January 5 at 04:00 PT to January 13 at 04:00 PT.

1.2. Stage parameters:

  • All battles within the stage will be in tiers V-VI
  • Battle format: 7 vs. 7
  • Battle duration: 15 minutes
  • “Fog of War” is on
  • Number of landing tournament participants: 64
  • Vehicle lock is off
  • Division modules are off
  • Auctions are on
  • Income on all provinces is 408per day
  • Raising province income within the Campaign Front is not available
  • The total number of provinces available on the Global Map: 340
  • The number of landing provinces: 85
  • Number of active tournament applications available during a Prime Time: 7
  • Penalties for no-shows are applied

1.3. A new Front, with its own Prime Times, will be available during Stage 1:

  • Campaign Front: 16:00 - 20:00 PT. Total provinces: 340

The Front will work in the same way as it did in Operation Safari.

2. Stage 1 Special Rules

2.1. During Stage 1, Clans will fight for provinces, meaning they will earn Fame Points for defending their own territories and for capturing new ones.

2.2. Clans can capture provinces in several ways:

  • Participating in a landing tournament
  • Taking part in an auction
  • Attacking by land

2.3. Landing provinces will be randomly migrating on the map on a daily basis.

2.4. During Stage 1, each province will be providing a fixed number of Fame Points:

Number of Prime Times a Clan has defended its province01234567
Fame Points earned daily 400 1,200

Zero is the Prime Time when the Clan captured the province. Fame Points for capturing and holding the province are added to the Clan’s account once the Prime Time ends in the province.

2.5. If a province is not captured by any Clan, it earns a daily 400 Fame Points.

2.6. While holding a province, a Clan accumulates Fame Points. Once the province is captured by another Clan, the accumulated Fame Points are distributed between the new and previous owners. When a Clan owning a province loses it, the Clan gets a fixed percentage of Fame Points accumulated while the Clan held the province; the rest of the Fame Points will be received by the new owner of the province.

2.7. The table below shows the distribution of Fame Points after a Clan captures a province from its previous owner:

Days OwnedPrevious Owner's Fame PointsNew Owner's Fame Points
1 25% 75%
2 29% 71%
3 33% 67%
4 37% 63%
5 41% 59%
6 45% 55%
7 50% 50%

2.8. If a Clan captures an unoccupied province, all Fame Points accumulated in this province are added to the Clan’s rating. However, 25% of those accumulated and received Fame Points will be distributed, in case the current owner loses the province to another Clan.

2.9. After leaving the Global Map, a Clan gets no Fame Points for holding provinces, and Fame Points accumulated in the Clan’s provinces will be deducted from the Clan’s rating.

2.10. Fame Points accumulated in a province are added to its owner’s account until the province is captured by another Clan. As soon as the new owner gets the province, Fame Points are deducted from the previous owner’s account according to point 2.7. Fame Points are re-calculated after each battle.

Clan Fame Points are recorded and displayed in the Alley of Fame, as well as in Clans’ profiles on the Clan Portal (the Global Map section), where Clans can track their Campaign progress.

More details and stage rule tips will be available on the Global Map.

3. Personal Fame Points

3.1. During Stage 1, Fame Points will be awarded following the formula below:

Fame_Points: Fame Points

Fame_points_base: Stage Fame Points coefficient: 500

Battle_type_c: Battle type coefficient

Event_value_c: Game event coefficient: 1

Еlo_c: Elo rating coefficient equal to the Elo rating in tier VI front

Team_XP: Amount of Experience a team earns in battle

Battle_XPCommon amount of Experience both teams earn battle

Team_size Team size in Stage 1: 7

Battle Type Coefficients (Battle_type_c)

Battle TypeRatio
A landing tournament 1
Auction tournament 5
A battle for province (the final battle of a tournament) 5

Elo Rating Coefficients (Elo_c)

Opponent's Clan's Elo RatingElo_c
< = 1,000 1.0
1,001 - 1,200 1.1
1,201 - 1,400 1.2
1,401 - 1,600 1.3
1,601 - 1,800 1.4
1,801 - 2,000 1.5

3.2. A Clan also gets the same amount of Fame Points for each battle as a member of the Clan who participated in the battle. For example, when Clan A ends a battle and gets 36 personal Fame Points, they also get 36 Clan Fame Points.

Fake battles are considered rule violations and will be punished with full Clan and personal Fame Points penalties and game account suspension.

In disputes of crediting Fame Points (e.g., suspected "false" battles, etc.), administrators reserve the right to request a battle replay, screenshots and other information relating to the situation. If the requested information is not provided, the administration reserves the right to impose sanctions on potential offenders. We strongly recommend that you enable "record battles" in your game settings.