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Clan Wars Fourth Campaign Stage 2: The Lion's Mane

The second stage of Clan Wars' Fourth Campaign is starting soon, so get acquainted with its rules and regulations. 

1. General Rules

1.1. The second stage of the Fourth Campaign is called The Lion’s Mane, and will take place January 14 at 04:00 PT until January 24 at 04:00 PT.

1.2. Parameters

  • All battles will be tiers VII-VIII
  • Battle format: 10-versus-10
  • Battle durations: 15 minutes
  • ON: Fog of War, auctions
  • OFF: Vehicle lock, division modules
  • Number of landing tournament participants: 64
  • Income on all provinces is 480/day
  • Raising province income within the Campaign Front is not available
  • Total number of provinces available on the Global Map: 210
  • Landing provinces: 52
  • Clans that already own provinces can still participate in landing tournaments
  • Number of active tournament applications available during a Prime Time: 5
  • Penalties for no-shows

1.3. Stage 2 of the Fourth Campaign will take place in Southwest Africa.

  • Campaign Front: 16:00 - 20:00 PT. The number of provinces: 210

2. Special Rules

During Stage 2, Clans will have two ways to earn Clan Fame Points:

  • Capturing Enclaves; special groups of provinces
  • Tracking and capturing Convoys passing across the Global Map

2.1. Enclaves

2.1.1. Groups of special provinces called "Enclaves" will be present on the Map and capturing them will give your Clan Fame Points.

2.1.2. Enclaves fall into two types:

  • Great Enclave: group of three adjacent provinces with common borders
  • Small Enclave: group of two adjacent provinces with common borders

2.1.3. Enclaves are situated within each Prime Time zone and don't cross the borders of the Prime Times they are located in.

2.1.4. Enclaves will be relocated four days after Stage 2 begins, after all Prime Times end on the fifth day of Stage 2.

2.1.5. An Enclave province can be captured by either attacking by land or via auction. Each Enclave province borders on a landing province, where a Clan can land and continue its attack on the Enclave.

2.1.6. Capturing separate Enclave provinces or entire Enclaves earns Clan Fame Points:

ActionClan Fame Points
Capturing a Small Enclave province 1,000
Capturing a Great Enclave province 1,000

A province is considered "captured" once the new owner gets the province, even if no Headquarters has yet been established in the province.

2.1.7. Having captured an entire Enclave, a Clan gets Fame Points for capturing the provinces and a bonus for capturing the entire Enclave:

ActionClan Fame Points
Bonus for capturing an entire Small Enclave 2,000
Bonus for capturing an entire Great Enclave 5,000

For example, having captured a three-province Great Enclave, a Clan gets 8,000 Fame Points (3*1,000 + 5,000).

2.1.8. For holding Enclave provinces or entire Enclaves during each consecutive Prime Time, Clans will receive Fame Points according to points 2.1.6 and 2.1.7.

2.2. Convoys

2.2.1. During Stage 2, the Campaign Front will host Convoys passing across the Global Map. Capturing a province with a Convoy will also earn your Clan Fame Points:

ActionClan Fame Points
Capturing a Convoy 2,200

2.2.2. Convoys are relocated within their Prime Times.

2.2.3. A province hosting a Convoy will be marked with a special icon. The next province the Convoy is heading will also be marked.

2.2.4. To get the Fame Points for capturing a Convoy, capture the province or hold it until the end of the Prime Time, when the Convoy relocates to another province. The Convoy is considered captured even without a Headquarters established in the province.

2.2.5. A Convoy relocates to the next province once battles finish in the province where it was located during the current Prime Time, and in the province where it will relocate for the next Prime Time.

2.2.6. The province that a Convoy relocates to during the next Prime Time becomes a landing province. To earn Fame Points for capturing a Convoy, a Clan landing needs to hold the province during the next Prime Time after landing. 

Example: Clan A applied for a landing tournament for a province with a Prime Time at 18:00, where a Convoy was going to relocate to. According to point 2.2.5, the Convoy relocated to the province was captured by Clan A. The next day, during the 18:00 Prime Time, Clan A defended the province from Clans B and C. When the battles ended, Clan A was still holding the province and earned Clan Fame Points for capturing the Convoy.

You can only apply for a landing tournament in a province where a Convoy is heading to after the battles have ended in both the province where the Convoy is currently located and the province it will relocate to on the next turn. The Convoy relocates only after the battles end in both provinces and new landing tournaments open for applications.

2.2.7. Fame Points are transferred to Clans’ accounts after battles for the provinces are over and after the Convoy relocates to its next province, according to point 2.2.5.

2.2.8. If two Convoys meet in one province and a Clan captures the province with both Convoys in it, the Clan earns Fame Points for both Convoys.

3. Personal Fame Points

3.1. During Stage 2, Fame Points will be awarded following the formula below: 



Fame_Points: Fame Points

Fame_points_base: Stage Fame Points coefficient: 700

Battle_type_c: Battle type coefficient

Event_value_c: Game event coefficient: 1

Еlo_c: Elo rating coefficient equal to the Elo rating in tier VIII front

Team_XP: Amount of Experience a team earns in battle

Battle_XP: Common amount of Experience both teams earn battle

Team_size Team size in Stage 2: 10

Collapse Expand

Battle Type Coefficients (Battle_type_c)

Battle TypeRatio
Landing tournament 1
Auction tournament 5
Battle for province (the final battle of a tournament) 5

Elo Rating Coefficients (Elo_c)

Opposing Clan's Elo RatingElo_c
< = 1,000 1.0
1,001 - 1,200 1.1
1,201 - 1,400 1.2
1,401 - 1,600 1.3
1,601 - 1,800 1.4
1,801 - 2,000 1.5

3.2. A Clan also gets the same number of Fame Points for each battle as a member of the Clan participating in the battle. For example, players of Clan A got 36 personal Fame Points after a battle. Thus, Clan A also gets 36 Clan Fame Points.

Fake battles are considered rule violations and will be punished with full Clan and personal Fame Points penalties and game account suspension.

In disputes of crediting Fame Points (e.g., suspected "false" battles, etc.), administrators reserve the right to request a battle replay, screenshots and other information relating to the situation. If the requested information is not provided, the administration reserves the right to impose sanctions on potential offenders. We strongly recommend that you enable "record battles" in your game settings.