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Introducing WG Stream

Wargaming is proud to present the launch of WG Stream!

WG Stream is a Wargaming-supported mod that allows players from around the world to stream their battles, meet friends and share their love of the game!

WG Stream enables you to:

  • Stream gameplay directly to your channel
  • Use both actual gameplay and footage from within your Garage
  • Alter settings to find the optimal quality for you
  • Browse streaming servers to find the one with the best ping
  • Assign hotkeys to help you control and run your stream

The mod has been designed with both novice and experienced streamers in mind. More features will be added to the mod over time to help make it an indispensable tool for all players.

WG Stream will be freely distributed on the World of Tanks portal in the “Useful Software” section, as well as on other resources. Keep your eyes peeled!

Mod makers and anyone interested in WG Stream may also be interested in the Wargaming Developer Partner Program (DPP).