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Update v.6.7 Released! UPDATE


World of Tanks informs all the tankers that maintenance works will be held on the North American game server starting from 4:00 am EDT till 11:00 am EDT on September 15th due to the release of update v.6.7.

UPD. September 15. The update v.6.7 is available for installing.

Download full client here (2.43Gb)

Download update v.6.7 here (255 Mb)

UPD. September 15, 11:20 UTC. World of Tanks is pleased to introduce the new option of purchasing a year's and half-a-year premiums! You can read the  instruction on buying it here. Read the instruction  en Français.

We are glad to inform you that the update v.6.7 will include the following features:

1) New light tanks of tier 4-5:

  • Т-50. This vehicle is considered to be one of the best tanks in the world of this class due to its great combat, technical and operational characteristics.
  • Т-50-2The serious competitor to Т-50 was developed at Leningrad Kirov Plant and boasts best dynamic parameters. 
  • VK2801. Represents the next generation of light tanks and is a descendent of the famous VK 1602 Leopard.
  • M24 Chaffee. By the end of WWII this vehicle was taken as the major light tank of American forces.

2) New medium tank of tier 6 M4A3E2. The assault heavy armored version of the legendary M4 Sherman.

3) New Chinese premium medium tank of tier 8 Type 59.

4) New map Fishing Bay, where a small town on shore of a picturesque lake is surrounded by hills. 

And the list of new features is not full! The full list of all specialties of update v.6.7 can be found here

And don't forget to read the General Release Plan for 2011-2012!