Update 1.3 Common Test 2 is Here!

The second Common Test for Update 1.3 is available now, which means you can storm into battle right away to check out all the new update features and improvements! 

There’s plenty to look out for: new customization, improvements to Personal Missions, new and revised maps, the latest on bots, and more!

In case you missed the update preview or want a second look, here’s a refresher:


Join the Common Test!

  • How the CT Works
  • Test Client
  • Server Restarts
How the CT Works

New to testing? Check out our handy guide to public tests.

Eligibility: All players registered prior to 13:59 PT | 15:59 CT | 16:59 ET on Oct. 29 can participate in the test.

Feedback: Please post your general feedback about the test version and bug reports in the special thread on our forum.

Test Client
  • Download the test client installer (4.9 MB).
  • Make sure you pick a save location that is different to your regular World of Tanks game files.
  • Save and run the installer.
  • Run the new copy of the game. The launcher will download all the additional data.
  • Log in and start playing.
Server Restarts

The test server will be restarted regularly, according to the following schedule:

  • First Periphery: 20:00 PT | 22:00 CT | 23:00 ET every day. Average duration will be around 25 minutes.
  • Second Periphery: 21:00 PT | 23:00 CT | 00:00 ET every day. Average duration will be around 25 minutes.
  • Central Database: 01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET every day. Average duration will be around 2 minutes.

The test server may be subject to unscheduled restarts and maintenance.

List of Changes


Main Changes

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • Added multiple objects on maps.
  • Added a number of changes to the Exterior interface.

Changes to technical characteristics of vehicles

  • U.K. Tech Tree: added a transition from the Matilda to the Crusader.

Additional changes on maps

  • Fisherman’s Bay:
    • Fixed the issue of the missing house in the central area of the map; house is placed where it belongs.
    • The bush next to the house has been made a little larger: thus the bush is similar to the one at the opposite side.
  • Mannerheim Line:
    • Removed the new bushes at squares D8 and B9.
    • Removed a bush at square В5.