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Treads for Threads Campaign Extension


After all the excitement the original announcement created, we were hit with a wave of feedback from our community.  It suddenly became obvious that more than a few dedicated tankers, who would otherwise make the deadline, may be left out in the cold when it came time to qualifying for the t-shirt giveaway; simply because they would be away for the holidays or were experiencing other difficulties with participation.

After balancing all the logistics for adjusting a major giveaway like this, we were able to come up with a new qualification deadline for the Treads for Threads Campaign.  Players will now have until January 10, 2013 at 23:59 PST to have a tier 10 vehicle in their garage and also play the minimum (5) games with any vehicle between December 20, 2012 and the qualification deadline.  After that?  Boom, they're qualified for a free t-shirt.

If you have any questions about the Treads for Threads Campaign, head on over to the Campaign page for a complete FAQ and the Terms and Conditions.

Visit the Treads for Threads Campaign Page