Follow the Rules, Get Rewards


In the latter part of 2016, Wargaming stepped up efforts to combat both negative player behavior, and cheating in-game. We wanted to give everyone an update on how those things are going!

Last August, we revamped our Rules Violations policy, introducing rewards for continued good player behavior, and strikes for poor behavior. In the first three months of the revamp, 376 players received in-game strikes, 670 players received chat strikes, and 429 received forum strikes. In contrast, over 400,000 players qualified for good behavior rewards!

Then, in November, we instituted our new Fair Play policy to deal with illegal third party modifications. To date, 731 accounts have received a 7-day ban for the first detection, and 19 accounts have been permanently banned for a second detection. Additional accounts remain under investigation.

Overall, we’re seeing fewer repeat offenders, and the number of bans has dropped since the new policies started.

The good behavior rewards were set to deploy in November but, technical difficulties delayed them. But now rewards have been distributed! We apologize for the delay. All players who logged in and played at least one battle from August to October and received no strikes scored five +200% Free XP 1 hour boosters as a token of appreciation.

Wargaming remains committed to improving our players’ experiences, and providing a fair, fun, and supportive playing field for everyone!