Take the Final Step on the Road to Berlin!

Greetings, Commanders!

Starting May 3, World of Tanks will host Road to Berlin, an engaging new PvE mode. It will be a revamped successor to Homefront, which we launched last summer, and will inherit its best gameplay features, with a number of updates and significant improvements.

Road to Berlin 
Sunday, May 3 Sunday, May 17

Note: Exact times will be announced in a future article.

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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe and the beginning of peace time for many of us, achieved at the cost of unimaginable efforts. To observe the historic moment, we're launching a special PvE event, in which you can commemorate the final weeks leading to the end of the war in Europe. 

Go on the Offensive, Commanders!

This time, instead of defending the home front, you will go on the offensive and make rapid attacking maneuvers, conquering zones in enemy territory. Battles promise to be extremely intense — your A.I.-driven adversaries will do their best to counterattack and regain their lost positions.

Fierce battles will take place on four maps specially redesigned for the mode, including a new Berlin map, which will be introduced to Random Battles at a later date. Check it out.

The A.I. Enemy: Smarter and More Dangerous

Much of your feedback on Homefront concerned enemy A.I., and we’ve taken measures to make them smarter and more dangerous. This year, the PvE mode features improved A.I.-driven enemy models, so brace yourselves and pack your repair kits — the road to Berlin is sure to be a challenging one!

Stay tuned and get ready for intense battles!