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Premium Vehicles Get a Boost

The Micro-patch date is set for Friday, September 12.


World of Tanks is a game where the victory depends on player skills and mastery, and Wargaming pursues this principle at all costs. One of our first steps was transforming the "free-to-play" concept into a "free-to-win" model, conditioned by the feedback from our players.

Premium vehicles are part of this, and can offer a smoother upgrade path in the playing experience, and our mission is to make any tank purchased for Gold operated and enjoyed outside the bounds of tier or nation limits. Based on this, we're going to issue a special micro-patch update on September 12th.

More Details

Currently, Premium vehicles are known for the following:

  • Unique modules that cannot be researched
  • Increased Credit income in battle (except for the M60 and VK 72.01 (K)
  • Instant Elite status, allowing accumulated Experience to be converted to Free Experience
  • Crew transfers from similar vehicle types to these vehicles without any penalties
  • Enabling "Accelerate Crew Training" right from the first battle

After the Update

All Premium / gift vehicles will gain new features. These features will also affect vehicles rewarded in special events like Clan Wars campaigns. These features are:

  • An additional 50% bonus Crew experience. This will boost their training rate and reach new perks and skills faster
  • An increased battle experience coefficient. The lower the tier of the Premium vehicle, the higher this parameter will be. In deciding on this, we evaluated a number of low-tier Premium vehicles which were in players' Garages but proved to be unpopular in battles. In short - the lower the tier of the Premium vehicle, the higher the battle experience you get!

Exact Changes on each Vehicle Tier

TierBattle XP MultiplierCrew XP Multiplier
 II 1.7 1.5
 III 1.6 1.5
 IV 1.5 1.5
V 1.4 1.5
VI 1.3 1.5
VII 1.2 1.5
VIII 1.1 1.5
X 1.05 1.5

Note: The battle XP does not affect the average Experience of a vehicle e.g for the Hall of Fame. Additionally, in the battle results window, the battle XP bonus will be displayed in a seperate row, as if it were a mission.