June Preview

D-Day  is one of June's highlights, and we've also got new initiatives and other surprises — take a look at some of the events we have on tap!

* Please note all events are subject to change without notice.

  •  D-Day Missions
  • Premium Tank Sales
  • Tier VII/VIII of the Week
  • Special Weekend Events
  • "On Track" Missions
  • Tank Mastery Missions
 D-Day Missions

June 6 marks the anniversary of D-Day, and we have special 24-hour-only missions to mark the historic amphibious operation! 

  • June 6: D-Day — Operation Overlord Missions
Premium Tank Sales

We're bringing some overlooked rarities to the Premium Shop, introducing a new look for the leKpz  M 41 90 mm, and more!

Tier VII/VIII of the Week

A new initiative, we're featuring a different Tier VII or VIII vehicle each week, bundled with Premium Time, Boosters, and other goodies. Special Gold, Credits, and Premium Time combination bundles are also available — each sale lasts only one week, so make sure and check back each Friday for a new offer!

Special Weekend Events

Aquino Tank Weekend, Father's Day, and other important dates are featured in our weekend events, including special missions, XP bonuses, and more!

  • June 1-4: x2 Crew XP Weekend
  • June 8-11: x3 XP and Oshawa Aquino Weekend Missions
  • June 15-18: Father's Day Weekend Special
  • June 18-21: Missions + x2 Crew XP Weekend
  • June 22-25: x3 XP Weekend
"On Track" Missions

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles. This month we show you how to earn a U.K. Tier X tank destroyer with a 183 mm cannon!

Tank Mastery Missions

Get an "Ace Tanker"Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock six special emblems:

June 1-11: Wave 1

June 8-18: Wave 2

June 15-28: Wave 3

June 22-July 2: Wave 4

June 29-July 9: Wave 5

Check the link below for all current events in World of Tanks: