Get a Unique 3D Style for the T57 Heavy Tank!

Some of you who won the T57 Heavy Tank's unique 3D style from Holiday Ops. are probably thinking, "This thing is awesome, but I don't have the T57 and am not even close to it on the Tech. Tree..." Well, this is your chance to earn a hefty T57 Heavy Tank Credit discount and score the unique 3D style — “Hellhound” — for the vehicle if you don't have it yet!

Holiday Ops. Gets On Track

Holiday Ops. has a variety of gifts, including four unique 3D styles for specific Tier X vehicles: "Marengo" for the French Bat-Châtillon 25 t medium tank; "Igelschnäuzchen" for the German Grille 15 tank destroyer; "Granite" for the Soviet IS-7 heavy tank; and "Hellhound" for the U.S. T57 Heavy Tank. The last vehicle is also featured in our Jan. 9-28 On Track missions. If you reach the vehicle during this time, you get a 30% Credit discount; plus, you can earn other goodies from missions along that Tech. Tree line.

T57 Heavy Tank on the U.S. Tech. Tree

T57 Heavy Tank on the U.S. Tech. Tree

How to Get the Unique 3D Style

Holiday Ops. lasts until Until Jan. 14. You can find the unique 3D styles inside Large Boxes, which are available for purchase in the Premium Shop (with discounts up to 33% off the regular price). Styles are rewarded at random — whether you have the vehicle in your Garage or not:

You can also earn a 30% Credit discount on Tier X Tech. Tree vehicles when you reach the X Festive Atmosphere Level during Holiday Ops. before the event ends on Jan. 14. Once you obtain the discount, simply assign it to the T57 before Update 1.4 (tentatively slated for early February). Once the discount is placed, it is available until you use it.

If you assigned the discount to another Tier X vehicle, don’t fret — you can still use the On Track discount if you earn the T57 before the Jan. 28 deadline. Unlike Holiday Ops., the On Track discount must be used before the missions end. Sorry, you cannot stack discounts.

Remember: Holiday Ops. ends Monday, Jan. 14, so make sure and get the T57 Heavy Tank's "Hellhound" unique 3D style before then! On Track missions for the vehicle end Jan. 28.


Check out the complete January On Track missions and the Holiday Ops. piece for more information!


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