October 2021 Preview: Boo!

October is so packed with events, it's...scary! Battle Pass: Season VI, Return of the Waffenträger, Frontline 2021: Episode 3, On Track missions to Tier X monster vehicles, and sweet Premium Shop offers fill the lineup—and that's just for starters! The following schedule is by no means complete or comprehensive (hint, hint) so make sure to check back for updates and surprises. You can also find additional information in our weekly video series, WoT's Next.


  • Aug. 26–Dec. (ongoing): Referral Program 2.0
  • Sept. 6–early Dec. (ongoing): Battle Pass
  • Sept. 22–Dec. 1 (ongoing): Global Map
  • Sept. 27–Oct. 11 (ongoing): Return of the Waffenträger
  • Sept. 29–Oct. 28 (ongoing): Prime Gaming
  • Oct. 18–25: Frontline 2021
  • October Month-long Events
  • October On Track Missions
  • October Premium Shop & In-Game Offers
  • October Weekend Special Missions
Aug. 26–Dec. (ongoing): Referral Program 2.0

Season 8

The latest Season features an updated recruit reward pool and reworked "Receive a Medal" missions by replacing some Medals with more achievable ones. Plus, two (2) glorious new Premium reward medium tanks (the Japanese STA-2 Tier VIII and Polish Pudel Tier VI) are up for grabs!

Referral Program 2.0: Season 8

Sept. 6–early Dec. (ongoing): Battle Pass

Jump into Season VI!

The last Battle Pass for 2021! Tons of items are on the line, including Bounty Equipment, up to three distinctive progressive Styles with each exclusive to a specific Tier X vehicle (AMX M4 mle. 54, Centurion Action X, or Object 268), unique Crew members, and other rewards!

Battle Pass: Season VI

Sept. 22–Dec. 1 (ongoing): Global Map

Season 17

Challenge the top Clans, dominate the battlefield, and earn a host of rewards, including Gold, spare parts, 2D Styles, Decals, and other prizes.

Global Map: Season 17

Sept. 27–Oct. 11 (ongoing): Return of the Waffenträger

The 7v1 format is back!

Mad genius Max von Krieger's back—this time with his improved war machine, the menacing Blitzträger auf E 110. The Harriers haven't wasted any time, either, and are poised to strike with three different vehicles, each with its own combat role and unique abilities. It's up to you to decide which side to fight on—and may the strongest win!

Return of the Waffenträger

Sept. 29–Oct. 28 (ongoing): Prime Gaming

High Voltage!

It appears Max von Krieger, creator of the dreaded Waffenträger, has a helping hand. Meet Ermelinda Jung! With the Prime Gaming drop, High Voltage, you can have Miss Jung lead your vehicles into battle. Alongside the new recruit, you also get a shocking Decal, unique Medal, and more!

Prime Gaming: High Voltage

Oct. 18–25: Frontline 2021

Episode 3 is coming!

The third Episode of the most exciting modes of this year! The 2021 edition features several notable adjustments, including a reworked Combat Reserves system, close integration with Battle Pass, and Tier IX vehicles are allowed in a trial format.


October Month-long Events

Salute Mission and Weekly Watcher Drops

  • Oct. 1–31: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members.  
  • Oct. 1–31: Weekly Watcher Drops. Watch official World of Tanks streams on our Twitch Channel in exchange for free items added to your game account. The more consecutive weeks you watch, the more bonuses you earn for upkeeping your streak!
October On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X titans with month-long On Track missions. October features a German heavy tank, Chinese light tank, and Soviet heavy tank.

  • Sept. 20–Oct. 20 (ongoing): On Track to the Maus
  • Oct. 5–Nov. 5: On Track to the WZ-132-1
  • Oct. 20–Nov. 20: On Track to the IS-4 


October Premium Shop & In-Game Offers

Specials in October

Slim pickings? Stay tuned for more offers available later in the month!

October Weekend Special Missions

Earn sweet bonuses in special missions

  • Oct. 1–4: ×3 XP & Missions
  • Oct. 8–12: Canadian Thanksgiving
  • Oct. 15–18: ×2 Crew XP & Special Missions
  • Oct. 22–25: ×3 XP & Special Missions
  • Oct. 29–Nov. 1: Halloween Weekend