November 2021 Preview: Giving Thanks

November is about giving thanks. We start with Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11, where we honor those who served in the U.S. armed forces and kick-off a four-day extended ×5 XP weekend featuring special missions. WoT Salute Program members can get a free U.S. T26E5 Patriot Tier VIII heavy tank and find sweet discounts on Gold Drip and vehicle bundles during the month.

We also celebrate Thanksgiving with an extended XP weekend bonus and missions with customization items, consumables, and Personal Reserves up for grabs! And, yes, we have special once-a-year Black Friday offers with gigantic discounts.

Other events abound. Three Tier X are featured in our On Track Missions, including the prized U.S. M48A5 Patton medium tank; Frontline unloads it's final Stage for the 2021 season; Battle Pass has its last full month before wrapping up in early December; and much more.

The following schedule is by no means complete or comprehensive (hint, hint) so make sure to check back for updates and surprises. You can also find additional information in our weekly video series, WoT's Next.


  • Aug. 26–Dec. (ongoing): Referral Program 2.0
  • Sept. 6–early Dec. (ongoing): Battle Pass
  • Sept. 22–Dec. 1 (ongoing): Global Map
  • Nov. 15–22: Frontline 2021
  • November WoT Salute: Thank You to Veterans
  • November On Track Missions
  • November Premium Shop & In-Game Offers
  • November Weekend Special Missions & More
Aug. 26–Dec. (ongoing): Referral Program 2.0

Season 8 ends in December

Season features an updated recruit reward pool and reworked "Receive a Medal" missions. Plus, two (2) glorious Premium reward medium tanks (the Japanese STA-2 Tier VIII and Polish Pudel Tier VI) await!

Referral Program 2.0: Season 8

Sept. 6–early Dec. (ongoing): Battle Pass

Season VI is winding down!

The last full month for the last Battle Pass for 2021! Tons of items are on the line, including Bounty Equipment, up to three distinctive progressive Styles with each exclusive to a specific Tier X vehicle (AMX M4 mle. 54, Centurion Action X, or Object 268), unique Crew members, and other rewards!

Battle Pass: Season VI

Sept. 22–Dec. 1 (ongoing): Global Map

Last month for Season 17

Challenge the top Clans, dominate the battlefield, and earn a host of rewards, including Gold, spare parts, 2D Styles, Decals, and other prizes.

Global Map: Season 17

Nov. 15–22: Frontline 2021

Stage IV marks the end of 2021!

The fourth—and final—Stage of the most exciting mode of this year! The 2021 edition features several notable adjustments, including a reworked Combat Reserves system, close integration with Battle Pass, and Tier IX vehicles are allowed in a trial format.


November WoT Salute: Thank You to Veterans

WoT Salute

For WoT Salute members, November features the monthly Mission, but it also sees the return of special Gold Drip and vehicle bundle offers with discounts up to 73 percent. As the month featuring Veterans Day, WoT Salute members get a free T26E5 Patriot* by logging in to the game during November.

  • Nov. 1–30: WoT Salute Mission
  • Nov. 1–Dec. 1: Thank You, Veterans: Free T26E5 Patriot (WoT Salute members only)
  • Nov. 8–Dec. 8: WoT Salute Bundle Offers
  • Nov. 8–Dec. 8: WoT Salute Gold Drip Bundle Offers

Credit compensation if you already own the vehicle.

November On Track Missions

Add Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

Work up Tech Trees to earn Tier X titans with month-long On Track missions. November features a Soviet heavy tank, a beloved American medium tank, and Swedish heavy tank.

  • Oct. 20–Nov. 20: On Track to the IS-4
  • Nov. 5–Dec. 5: On Track to the M48A5 Patton 
  • Nov. 20–Dec. 20: On Track to the Kranvagn


November Premium Shop & In-Game Offers

Specials in November

Annual offers in November! First, don't miss our massive 140-plus Premium vehicle bundle known as "The Feast" with a discount of almost 70% off! The three "shadow" tanks are also available: The T34 B, IS-6 B, and Schwarzpanzer 58 (each has a permanent black customization). Stay tuned for more offers available later in the month!

  • Sept. 20–Nov. 6 (ongoing): Community League Team "Jersey" 2D Style Bundle
  • Nov. 1–Dec. 1: T-29 & 30 Days WoT Premium Account
  • Nov. 5–20: On the Fast Track Offer (M48A5 Patton)
  • Nov. 19–Dec. 1: "The Feast" Bundle
  • Nov. 20–Dec. 5: On the Fast Track Offer (Kranvagn)
  • Nov. 25–Dec. 1: Black Friday Offers
November Weekend Special Missions & More

Earn sweet bonuses in special missions

  • Nov. 1—Dec. 1: Patriot Missions (only for players who own the T26E5 Patriot)
  • Nov. 1–4: Day of the Dead Special Missions
  • Nov. 5–8: ×2 Crew XP & Missions
  • Nov. 11–15: Veteran's Day Weekend ×5 XP & Special Missions
  • Nov. 19–22: ×2 Crew XP & Missions
  • Nov. 25–29: Thanksgiving Weekend ×3 XP & Missions