May Sneak Preview: Memorial Day

May brings Memorial Day, which honors those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. During the month we’ve got new offers, missions, Frontline, Tank Mastery, Tank Rewards, Act I of our 10-Year Anniversary celebration, and a Road to Berlin PvE event — just to name a few. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the month's events, so please check back regularly for additional announcements.


  • March 15–June 9 (ongoing): Battle Pass Season I
  • March 25–June 15 (ongoing): Global Map: Season 14
  • April 21–May 18 (ongoing): 10-Year Anniversary Act I: Battle!
  • April 27–May 4 (ongoing): Frontline 2020: Stage 3
  • May 1–June 1: Tank University Missions
  • May 3–17: Road to Berlin
  • May 3–June 1: Tank Mastery Missions
  • May 5–30: Tank Rewards
  • May On Track Missions
  • May Premium Shop Offers
  • May Weekend Events
March 15–June 9 (ongoing): Battle Pass Season I

An exciting new spin on Random Battles!

Fight through progression Stages and earn unique Bounty Equipment, a custom Commander, up to two (2) exclusive 3D Styles — "Sentry" for the Super Conqueror (pictured above) or "Fluffy" for the Object 277 — and lots more! How many Stages have you completed?


March 25–June 15 (ongoing): Global Map: Season 14


You say you want a Revolution? We've got Overhauled Quests, traditional 15v15 match format for Tiers VIII-X, Bond rewards for the Victory Point Leaderboard, exclusive pin-up Decal reward (pictured here), and more!

Global Map Season 14: Revolution

April 21–May 18 (ongoing): 10-Year Anniversary Act I: Battle!

Celebrate a decade of tanking!

Join the party and take part in engaging activities specially prepared for this occasion. The 10th Anniversary consists of five (5) thematic Acts, and each one corresponds to certain milestones of the game. We start with Act I!


April 27–May 4 (ongoing): Frontline 2020: Stage 3

The third Stage is here!

Got a Tier VIII vehicle? Then join in 30 vs. 30 combat on a 9 km² map as attackers or defenders. Use Combat Reserves, Resupply Points, and respawns while collecting Prestige Points that can earn Reward Vehicles!


May 1–June 1: Tank University Missions

Tank class crash Courses!

A series of challenges to help you master tank destroyers, light, medium, and heavy tanks; success rewards Consumables, XP, Equipment, and other items!

May 3–17: Road to Berlin

The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Berlin

A special PvE event, where players go on the offensive, make rapid attacking maneuvers, and conquer zones in enemy territory. Fierce battles take place on four maps specially redesigned for the mode, including a new Berlin locale!

Road to Berlin Event

May 3–June 1: Tank Mastery Missions

Are you an "Ace Tanker?"

Get an "Ace Tanker" Mastery Badge on featured vehicles to unlock six (6) special emblems. Four (4) vehicles are featured each week!


May 5–30: Tank Rewards

Military Appreciation Month

Complete as many missions as possible, rack up Tank Rewards tokens, and then use those tokens to redeem rewards from a reward tier. Earn Consumables, Blueprints, Decals, and more!

What Are Tank Rewards?

May On Track Missions

Add Soviet Tier X vehicles to your Garage!

We show you the way to work up the Soviet Tree to earn an excellent Tier X tank destroyer and light tank — along with Equipment, Consumables, Personal Reserves, and more!


May Premium Shop Offers

Noteworthy sales!

Great deals are headed to the Premium Shop in May — check back for these and other surprise offers throughout the month:

  • May 1–June 1: WoT Premium Account Bundle — Buy 30 DaysWoT Premium Account and get the U.S. M22 Locust Tier III light tank, a Garage Slot, and 100% Crew — free!
  • May 1–28: The Berlin Bundle — A quintet of fantastic vehicles in one bundle!
  • May 1–14: Lansen C — Swedish Tier VIII medium tank
  • May 1–11: Gotta Go Fast — Special×5 XP bonus bundles!
  • May 1–8: Weekly Offers — Fort Knox, Care Package, and All-rounder bundles
  • May 7–14: Cromwell B — British Tier VI medium tank
  • May 7–14: ISU-122S — Soviet Tier VII tank destroyer
  • May 8–15: Weekly Offers — Fort Knox, Supply Depot, and De-Light bundles
  • May 14–24: M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII — U.S. Tier VI medium tank
  • May 14–24: Tiger 131— German Tier VI heavy tank
  • May 15–22: Weekly Offers — Jackpot!, Boss Package, and Easy Going bundles
  • May 21–31: IS-2 — Soviet Tier VII heavy tank
  • May 21–31: T-34-85M — Soviet Tier VI medium tank
  • May 21–31: T78 — U.S. Tier VI tank destroyer
  • May 22–31: Weekly Offers — Jackpot!, They See Me Rollin', and Support Drop bundles
May Weekend Events

Unwind, earn XP, and engage in challenging missions!

  • May 1–4: ×1.5 XP Weekend and Missions
  • May 8–11: ×2 Crew XP Weekend and Missions
  • May 15–18: ×3 XP Weekend and Missions
  • May 22–26 (Memorial Day Weekend): ×5 XP Weekend, Discounts, and ×2 XP Mission