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Map Madness 2013 Winners


Thanks to all of you who took the time to submit predictions and vote in the Map Madness 2013 forum polls. We had nearly 5,000 players vote in a span of two weeks! All of you made your voices heard and the winning map won by a 711 vote margin. And the winner is...



The 10 random players who will receive 1,000for correctly predicting Himmesldorf are:

  • gunsoldier_11
  • Ozamis
  • yavz75
  • gerbel
  • Mazemaster97
  • Moosedrool
  • Ruljka
  • billafu
  • santacloz23
  • SPOON13

The next 10 players were randomly selected to receive 300 just for participating are:

  • icad_04
  • KnobbyHobbGoblin
  • hotfranc
  • mutantmatt
  • Flying_Colours
  • Manko1
  • DarkWrath
  • RynoGunner
  • Narmor
  • moose_driver