A Helping Hand for Holiday Ops

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We hope you’re excited about the upcoming Holiday Ops, ready to smash, crash, scout and shoot your way to increase your Festive Atmosphere. If you’re looking to add to your Festive Atmosphere with even more and better decorations, our “Large Boxes” contain decorations, Gold and much, much more!

Remember: There’s no way you can lose out — all the goods you get inside are worth more than the box!

When selecting your box, you can choose from the four festive styles:


New Year



Also, these special-themed boxes are separated by their type, so you are guaranteed to get the decoration style you want to collect (for example, if you purchase a Magic loot box, you will only receive Magic decorations).

Each Large Box contains four items, three of which you are guaranteed to know before opening. Those three are at least one Tier V decoration with which to decorate your wintertime base camp, another random decoration from Tier I-V, and 250 Gold.

What could this fourth item be? It can be a World of Tanks staple commodity, a special Tier V Premium, or one of a select group of rare high-Tier Premiums.

Note: If you find yourself unwrapping a Premium tank you already have, you will be compensated its full value in Gold!

You are guaranteed to get one of the following alongside the items you already know about:

But wait, there’s even more!

If luck’s on your side, you’ll get a fifth item inside the box: A 3D style for the following select Tier X vehicles:

  • A French cavalryman, the Bat-Châtillon 25 t is decorated with a cuirass, helmet, and sword
  • The Grille 15's cannon is covered with a protective mesh and a cage is added for the gunner 
  • A Soviet style makes the IS-7 look like it’s prepared to take on enemy aircraft
  • The T57 Heavy Tank has hand-scrawled messages and additional accessories
Note: These styles will only be available from this year’s Large Boxes; if you don't own the vehicle, you retain the 3D style and can apply it once you get the vehicle.

The countdown to Holiday Ops 2019 begins, commanders!