Halloween Mode Ends!

Attention Tankers!

Cease fire — the "Dark Front" has closed — Halloween mode 2018 is over!

To recap: The mission was straightforward. For 13 days, we challenged tankers to take command of a special MT-25 and enter the "Dark Front." Once inside the netherworld, your five-tank Dark Runner platoon had to collect as much Green Matter as possible and return it to  the Vault. The only thing in your way were three types of supernatural enemy tanks...and, of course, fear.

Aside from daily rewards, those who reached Level 13 got a unique badge, an emblem, and a Jack-'o-Lantern style!

"LiGHT IT UP" BADGE: 6x "13" Emblems: JACK-'o-Lantern unique style:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event — please let us know your thoughts in our forum thread!


Roll out!