Grand Battles with a Twist

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A variant of familiar mode is ready for testing: It’s Grand Battles with Tier VIII combat, available for one week only, from Nov. 13-20. Your feedback will be a crucial factor in deciding what the future holds for these Tier VIII Grand Battles, so please comment when the forum is available.


Mode(s): Random Battles (Grand Battles are available alongside Standard, Encounter, and Assault modes)
Available: Starts: Nov. 13 at 01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET
Ends: Nov. 20 at 01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET
Teams: Up to 30 players on each side
Vehicles: Tier VIII only
Maps: Klondike
Objectives: Capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy vehicles

To get into the battle, you need a Tier VIII vehicle. To make sure you can get matchmade into Grand Battles, tick the box as shown below:

Players who have recently enabled the Grand Battle option, or have never played it before, may end up in this battle type quite often. After a series of battles, the probability will return to normal.

The frequency of Grand Battles also depends on the queue. When the queue is short, the probability of ending up in a Grand Battle is much lower.

Important Notes:

  • Each team is limited to three (3) artillery units.
  • There are no Bond rewards.


As with Grand Battles before, there are two dedicated maps: 







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Recommendations for Tier VIII

Tune up (or dust off) your Tier VIII vehicles and we’ll see you on the battlefield!