Starting Sept. 1: Better Chances of Getting Into a Grand Battle

The recently released Grand Battles resulted in longer queue times across the Russian region (CIS). After receiving quite a bit of community feedback on the issue, we tweaked the chances of getting matched into a Grand Battle in the matchmaker, which brought queue times down to normal for the region.

To avoid this issue in North America, we made a similar preemptive change to the matchmaker with the 9.20 launch. If you can't wait to put your skills to work in a 30v30 experience, don’t worry: it was only a temporary measure. Our team has been tracking the situation with queues, and since it is now stable, we restored the initial settings with a micro patch.

In short: Starting today, you will get matched in a Grand Battle more often.

The work on optimizing the settings does not stop with the micro patch; we will keep working to deliver a smooth and polished experience.

Thank you for your patience – let’s battle!