Update on Continuing Problems with Contact and Clan Lists


We want to apologize for continued problems with Contact and Clan Lists. This issue is a high priority for us, and the team is working on a solution. Chatting and Platooning (and blacklisting) are important parts of World of Tanks and we hear your frustration. We will consider compensation for all players after we have finally resolved the issue.

We have released several patches to fix the issue and they solved the problems for some players, but not all. It has been a particularly wily issue for us to diagnose. For instance, we started resetting the chat server daily in order to stop it from failing – a temporary solution that should help alleviate problems that occur 24 or more hours after the chat server connection is restored and lost.

Please continue to let us know (via the link below) if you are still having problems, and provide as much information about your computer setup as possible. There are many posts on this topic and we are going through every thread to gather all available information.

Please be patient while we work to resolve this critical Contact and Clan List problem. We will keep you up to date on this issue, as all of us hope to resolve it permanently as soon as possible.